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A Promise Fulfilled 0

Many developers make wild and fantastic claims whilst promoting their product. As gamers we are nulled by the onslaught of positive declarations knowing that the developer merely wants our hard earned cash. Here is where Planetside 2 begins to stand apart. PS-2 doesn’t need your money up front. Toting the new Free to Play business model Planetside is hoping to hook you with its refreshing premise and let its own merits speak for themselves.The sight of the skies above you filled with deadly airc...

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Certainly the best multiplayer FPS out there currently. 0

Great gun play, massive continents to explore, and tactical play between outfits and squads, this game delivers an amazing experience as an FPS. The depth is tremendous, and best yet it is FPS. Also, the developers have some of the best community outreach I have ever seen in a game. Well worth your time to give a try. ...

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"It is impossible to make an anti-war film" 0

"Francois Truffaut said it is impossible to make an anti-war film, because films tend to make war look exciting." - Roger EbertPlanetside 2 does not aspire to be some grand statement about the futility of war. Yet this is exactly what it accomplishes.Upon starting the game, you’ll be treated to an exciting if rather passe FMV sequence of people being shot to bombastic music, to acclimatise you to the kind of heroic skill you might display playing Planetside, I suppose. However, the reality of Pl...

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spacy game with huge battles 0

this is fun game if u want to spend hours fight other players with sci-fi weapons and vehicles on another world. the battles are HUGE, 1 battle can have up to 1000 players in it, there are no Ai, or NPCs only players.the TR are basically the Empire, if you think like that, the NC are the Rebels, the Vanu are guys/girls in super tight purple spandex suits. needless to say i do not play vanu, i played TR once, got to lvl 12, i play NC i like them more.all factions have the same gunship *Liberator*...

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