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Worst Game You'll Ever Play. 0

Planetside (Also known as "That awful game I played and hopefully I will never play again") Is truely the worst game I ever played, and I truely wonder how come so many people play it.For a start, It lacks one of the most important stuff a MMO should have, which is PvE, NPC enemies, I can forgive that, even though I dislike PvP combat in mmos.Anyways, you start out at your sanctuary, there you will find a detailed, boring, tutorial which I doubt will aid you in the real combat out at the field.L...

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Planetside 0

Planetside blends First-Person Shooter with the massive land / area's of an MMO to form a new genre "MMOFPS", Planetside is by far one of the best MMOFPS's around, it pit's three empires (Terran, Vanu, NC) against each other to fight on a daily basis for land control. The game has continued to be supported by SoE Throughout it's life and recently had a server merge to increase the amount of players for even larger battles!The game offers something for everyone, you can run around hacking Enemy b...

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MMO Awesomeness 0

  While I was never the biggest MMO fan considering that most are RPG's, I looked into this game with high hopes. "An FPS with thousands of people?", it's pretty much as awesome as you think it is. Starting up the game you have three empires to choose from, Terran Republic who have and emphasis on fast weapons that deal less damage, New Conglomerate who have slow weapons with heavy firepower, and Vanu Sovereignty who's weapons serve multiple abilities like armor penetrating rounds.   I chose the...

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