Steam achievement/ Cloud Save File issues

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Has anyone had problems with the achievements and cloud saves for the Steam version of PvZ (Game of the Year Edition)? Some of the achievements I've unlocked in-game, won't show up on my Steam profile and my PC (which was the first system I played it on) won't load my files after I played it on my Macbook. The Macbook files are fine, but I just get a "Failed to read files" message when I try to boot it up on the PC. Does anyone have a fix for either of these issues? Thanks!

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Don't mean to bring back the dead, but I'm STILL having this issue. Haven't been able to play the game on a PC in over a year. Anyone had any experience with this? Could anyone tell me how to just wipe my files and start over? I've un-installed and re-installed plenty of times but that hasn't made a difference. I've tried copying my user.dat and save.dat from my mac and dumped it in the game's local files, but with no luck.

I've been browsing the Steam forums for about an hour and have tried to follow some paths to save files, but my folders don't match up with what the posters are saying. I've found a Popcap games > PlantsVsZombies folder in my C drive > Programdata, but the folder is empty. Apparently there should be a save folder in the PvZ folder?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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