bagronken's Plants Vs. Zombies HD (iPad) review

Plants on the Pad

It has the (multi)touch

The game-play on the iPad version is replicated perfectly from the original PC version. Instead of the mouse, you use your fingers. The difference? You've got ten fingers, and dishing out concurrent commands works brilliantly. A minor setback is that it doesn't include the Zen Garden or the Tree of Wisdom, two elements that fuels the grind after you've completed it all. These are indeed minor as the game still includes loads of different ways to whack those zombies. It's not just one of the very best games on the iPad, it's one of the best action puzzle games ever, period.

Pros & Cons 

+ Super-addictive game-play on the go
+ Multi-touch input adds an extra dimension
+ Great play value with loads of different game modes
- Missing some minor elements from original version

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