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Plants vs. Zombies Review

Plants vs. Zombies is a puzzle strategy game which takes place in your own front yard. You'll have an ever growing arsenal of plants at your disposal to stop the advance of the zombies, bent on defeating your yard and any plants in their path.

Graphically this game suffers from the fact that you can't change the resolution. If you play fullscreen there's a good chance that the textures are going to distort a bit and get stretched. On the plus side though the unique appearance of the advanced zombies is humorous, and the different plants keep it interesting.

The music and sound aren't going to blow you away, but they will allow you to have a hell of a good time. I feel like some of the sounds were taken out of a cheesy zombie horror flick, and they fit perfectly.

The controls that you'll be utilizing consist of the mouse. You'll be selecting the plant you want to put on the grid, and clicking again to place it. You'll also be using the mouse to collect the sun pieces that will be falling down the screen, as well as the sun pieces that are produced from the sunflowers.

So the name of the game is planting plants in such away that they defeat the zombies before they are able to advance across the entire grid. The game is in real time so there is a certain urgency as you advance through a level to have good defenses. You'll find that the mini-games get introduced to you through the adventure mode, and gives you a little different twist to how the game is played. All plants need sun and that makes the sunflowers all that much more important, especially in levels where there isn't any sunlight, and that's the only way to get enough sun pieces to bring out your heavier hitters.

Overall this game might have a slight graphical disadvantage, but if you can overlook it you're going to find a game that is quite addictive, with a feeling of challenging gameplay, yet not to an extreme that it would turn off more casual players. I highly recommend you get this game through STEAM, and try it out yourself. This game gets a 9.2 out of 10.


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