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Each of the expansions to The Sims 2 added a new creature or life-state and with The Sims 2: Seasons PlantSims were added. Should a Sim spray plants or trees with pesticides ten times any additional sprays will carry a ten percent chance of permanently transforming them into PlantSims. PlantSims have plants on their heads, green skin and after their transformation have clothing made of plants, although like any Sim they may change their clothing. All PlantSims have a golden gardening badge and can talk to plants to improve their health. PlantSims also do not have teen or young adult life stages, spend less time as toddlers and age straight from being toddlers to being adults.

PlantSims in Canon

According to the Greenman family album there is a colony of PlantSims living in the mountains near Riverblossom Hills. It is this colony that the only canon PlantSim woman, Rose Greenman, originates from. While Rose is married to a normal Sim she also is the mother of a PlantSim toddler called Daisy.


Unlike normal Sims PlantSims only have three different needs, all reflecting their plant-like biology. Their first need is love which can be fulfilled by any means a normal Sim would fulfil their social need or by talking to plants. Their second need is water which may be satisfied by bathing, showering, drinking, jumping into puddles, swimming or standing in the rain. Toddler PlantSims can also satisfy their water need by eating flowers, presumably older PlantSims do not do this due to it essentially being cannibalism. The third need of PlantSims and the one which must be fulfilled most often is sunlight which can be satisfied by simply standing outside or by standing under a greenhouse lamp. PlantSims may also disperse spores from the leaves on their heads to fulfil the needs of other lifeforms around them.


While PlantSims can reproduce through ' WooHoo' with any other Sim (including normal Sims) they also have the unique ability to spawn a PlantSim toddler using the spores on their heads. Toddlers spawned from PlantSims share the same personality, talent badges and skills as their parents, however they may have a different star sign. Children produced through 'WooHoo' will always be normal Sims even if one or both of the parents are PlantSims.

Reversing the Transformation

It is possible for a Sim to cure their 'PlantSimism' through a number of means. The easiest way is to attempt to obtain and drink the potion Plantophic-C which can be gotten from the garden club and if players have The Sims 2: Apartment Life installed, witches. If The Sims 2: Nightlife or The Sims 2: Free Time is installed PlantSims can also buy a cure from the Gypsy Matchmaker.


  • When PlantSim toddlers are spawned their genetics are based upon a hidden male NPC called 'Ideal plantsim'.
  • The 'MaxMotives' cheat will not increase fulfil a PlantSim's sunlight need.

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