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Plasma Man is a fortune teller from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. He also makes an appearance in Goemon's Great Adventure as part of the story. For a fee, he will tell the player what to do next in order to advance the game. His job is basically to get the player unstuck by reminding them what to do or giving them a hint if they've become lost. It helps that his fee is usually a low, low price of 10 Ryo. And they get to hear him yell Plasma a few times.
He can be found in any major village or town located inside a red building (in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon).


Plasma Man's Digs
What Plasma Man lacks in characterization he makes up with presentation. His place of business is always brightly decorated to a dizzying extent, and usually has two dancing statues for a sense of motion. He himself is quite plain (yet nearly naked) choosing to wear only a hood and a loin cloth. His main attraction is loudly proclaiming PLASMA at seemingly random moments. Since the Goemon games are made in Japan, his voice sample sounds more like "Purasuma".

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