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The Plasma Pistol is a one handed version of the Plasma Gun. It fires plasma at its target using controlled magnetic fields. Like the Plasma Gun, the extreme heat that is created by the plasma introduces the danger of overheating. When the heat reaches a certain point the weapon will vent the excess heat, and is known to kill the gunner. Since the Plasma Pistol only requires one hand it allows for varied Plasma Pistol and melee weapon combinations.

Plasma Pistols are mainly used by high ranking Imperial Guard or specific types of Space Marines (Force Commanders, Chaplains, Librarians, Assault Marines, and Sergeants).

Close Combat

The Plasma Pistol itself can be used as a close combat weapon, so if used with a powersword, the user will effectively have two close combat weapons. The Plasma Gun, a two handed weapon, has a minimum range of effectiveness, and must be replaced by another weapon when the user is engaged in melee combat.  As the combatants close the distance the Plasma Pistol can be used to fire a few shots to soften up the target. When the enemy is within striking distance a melee weapon can be brought to bear without missing a step. Finally, the Plama Pistol itself is heavy and sturdy enough to be used as a blunt weapon.

Plasma Pistol Combinations

Chaos Lord

Ranged Weapon: Plama Pistol
Close Combat Weapon: Manreaper Scythe

Chaos Sorcerer

Ranged Weapon: Plama Pistol
Close Combat Weapon: Bedlam Staff


Ranged Weapon: Plama Pistol
Close Combat Weapon: Knife

Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion

Ranged Weapon: Plama Pistol
Close Combat Weapon: Chainsword, Powersword, Powerfist

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