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Plasma Pong is a clone of the game pong. The player controls the paddle on the left hand side of the screen and the computer controls the paddle on the right hand side.
The game area is made from a fluid which can be affected by the players movements. This plasma will affect the movement of the ball. Players have the power to push plasma away from them, towards the enemy player, or pull the plasma towards themselves. This will in turn push or pull the ball away from them.\
The game also has a two player competitive mode which allows two people to play using one keyboard, with the second player taking the role of the paddle on the right hand side of the screen.
A third game mode, sandbox, is also included. this mode features no paddles or balls, and allows the player to control the plasma, or add new particles or walls to the play area and watch the fluid like movement.
The game is currently not yet available from its website, suposedly due to a copyright claim by Atari

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