Iwata Asks with PlatinumGames' Inaba and Minami.

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Iwata interviews producer Atsushi Inaba and CEO Tatsuya Minami. Interesting stuff:


On their ideal developer-publisher relationship:

Minami: The model we aim for is the relationship between Western development studios and publishers.
Iwata: Uh-huh.
Minami: The people at development studios in Europe and America are being funded by publishers but won't do everything they're told.

On Bayonetta and how it influenced the company's direction:

Inaba: About three years ago, we made Bayonetta, and it was a very symbolic title for us. We started by being told we could make anything we wanted.
Iwata: No one said, "Make this kind of game." Instead, they said, "It's in your hands." And that's how Bayonetta began.
Inaba: Yes. But we didn't begin making it right away. A lot of ideas came up.
Minami: Everyone had their own ideas about what they wanted to make.
Inaba: Some on the staff said they wanted to make a vertically scrolling shooter. In a very hypothetical scenario, if we really pushed that as a company, we could have made that, but everyone on the staff thought, "Our natural abilities lie in this direction, so we should make use of that to make something high-quality", and what we made was Bayonetta.
Minami: It's not like Inaba-san and I forced it through.
Inaba: If it hadn't been for that, I think the company would have gone a different direction. If we had made an RPG, I think the image of the company would have been different. That game determined a lot of what is expected of PlatinumGames.

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