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Platypus is a side scrolling shooter for the PC (released in 2002) and PSP (2006), whose graphics are done entirely in clay. The game is also different from other shooters in that weapon upgrades only last for a limited amount of time.

There are five types of weapons, the latter four of which are obtained by finding a power-up star and shooting it until it becomes a certain color:

  • Basic fire - player starts with and reverts to this after a power-up has been depleted
  • Auto-fire - obtained by collecting a blue star
  • Wide shot - obtained by collecting a yellow star
  • Rockets - obtained by collecting a red star
  • Sonic Pulse - obtained by collecting a green star

BitRabbit ported the game to iPhone in 2008, and Escapist Games released Platypus on Xbox LIVE as an Indie Game in summer of 2009.


In all versions except iOS, the game's music consists of Commodore 64 game soundtracks remixed by C64 music enthusiasts and composers.

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