Do you play your PS2 games on PS2 or PS3 with BC?

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Do you guys play your PS2 games on a actual PS2 with a SDTV, or do you play them on a PS3 with backwards Compatibility on a HDTV without or with Upscaling and all that. Im asking because im trying to figure out what would look better visually. I have a 19" CRT SDTV with a PS2 and I have a BC Launch PS3 with a 27" LCD 720p HDTV.
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I play my PS2 games on my PS2 slim with a SDTV, but I play my PS3 on a HDTV.
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I play all my shit(360/ps3) on my 41 inch plasma.....

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Currently playing all my PS2/PS1 games on my HDTV on my PS3. PS2 games aren't so bad - they get centered in the middle of my big ass TV which is annoying though. Playing Beyond Good and Evil at the moment which looks quite lovely with upscaling. The PS1 games however get totally destroyed. It hasn't stopped FF7 from staying in the top ten PSN games since its release, but FF9 looks so, so bad its upsetting :(

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Do you use Normal or Full Upscaling?
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I play my PS2 games on a PS2 Slimline (my original PS2 died) and on a standard tv.
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I Now play all my ps2 games on my pc, with PCSX2 I can upscale, add AA, better texture renders, all that good stuff. Besides a few games, they all work.

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I wish my PS3 was BC. I got it right after the decided to take it out. WHY THE HELL WOULD SONY DO THAT!? I'm still pissed off about it. I bought MGS3 new and came home to realize it didn't work - I then went online and they were like "Oh sorry, we took out that feature." 
It was honestly like a few days after they started shipping the non BC ones.

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Well the only PS2 games I'm playing at the moment are Shin Megami Tensei games and I like my wireless controller so I'm playing them on my PS3

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