Killer 7 any similar games

#1 Posted by PlipO (203 posts) -

For the first time yesterday - I played Killer 7, I like the art style and the game play even though I played it only for a short while.
Can you recommend other games of similar style and game play, a good story line and plot is appreciate but not necessary.

#2 Posted by Melvargh (555 posts) -

There isn't really anything like Killer 7. Someone else may be able to think of something, but it's such a unique game, I doubt they will.

#3 Posted by PropaneJoe (26 posts) -

No More Heroes is a very different game but aesthetically is the obvious one that springs to mind, Madworld to an extent.

#4 Posted by nintendoeats (6137 posts) -

Games with gameplay like Killer 7 != Games other than Killer7 with good writing.
However, if you want more on-rails shooters, I am a big fan of the Time Crisis series, though the arcade versions are always better.

#5 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11930 posts) -

No More Heroes plays quite differently, but is made by Suda 51, the genius behind Killer 7. But if you're really looking for something that plays like Killer 7, then I'm afraid you're probably going to be searching for a long, long time. 

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