Need Help Finding This Action Adventure PS2 Game

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I bought a Playstation 2 game for my little sister with two Kingdom Hearts games this month. I was trying to remember the PS2 games that my friends and I played back in my childhood, so I can buy them. There was still one game I liked but forgot the name. I remember these elements.

  • Story: I remember the main protagonist is fighting a big corporation to find a girl's memories and her body.
  • Setting: It first started in a modern city. The guy moves from place to place. I remember an Oriental place with traps such as axes waving from side to side like a pendulum.
  • Gameplay: The hero first had two red boomerang-like weapons that make explosions. (He didn't threw the red weapon but used for melee combat) He had to connect the dots on a magic symbol before making an explosion. He had other weapons such as a stick that creates electricity, a baton that makes you metal, and more. It was a lot of elemental weapons.
  • Enemies: First time, I remember fighting guys in suits with sunglasses. When you beat these guys, they become lights that go to you. The main hero just absorbs them. I don't remember any item drops. The first boss was a ski guy whose weapon allows him to sneak around in shadow form. I did remember how the hero beat the first boss. He uses the electric stick to strike a chandelier with lightning to expose the ski guy. Then, the hero fights the boss in a good fashion fight.

Sadly, I don't have an image of the game. Thank you for reading this.

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Yes, that's the game. Thank you!


I remember that game that X-play and Toonami reviewed. It was a bizarre game. I might put it on my buy list. Thank you.

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