What game am I thinking off?

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I got it in a bundle with my original PS2. It starred a red headed kid who had a magical watch(?) thingy that he could use as a shield. You main weapon was a yoyo, or at least something to that effect. There was platforming, at least on boat mission and combat.


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Fuck I can picture the box art for the game you're talking about, but I can't figure out what it is..

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damn.that sounds really familiar..let me get back to you.

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This does sound familiar, I will try and dig also.

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@Djnuttty I just lost my shit after reading that, thank you.
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Thanks guys. I remember enjoying it at the time and I still have the BC PS3 so I might play it again.

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Was it rygar the legendary adventure?

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@Djnuttty: Nope, that wasn't the one I was thinking of :/

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Was it a game called Haven: Call of The King ?

EDIT: Haha, it seems like we both found it at around the same time :)

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I remembered this box art though

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@Djnuttty: Indeed, quite a coincidence. :D

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@Djnuttty said:


I laughed.

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