A friendly reminder: Section 8: Prejudice PSN release today!

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Its already available on the US PSN Store and Europe will be coming up this afternoon (16:30 for the dutch folk)
The PS3 version took so long to arrive i had almost forgot how much i was looking forward to this game, 
As a way to soften the long wait we get two maps extra and a additional game mode for the price of free.
 Playstation+ users will also get the original section 8 included in their package and a free exclusive skin for the first 1000 buyers 
Free spawn, spawn anywhere on the map you want 
Multiple ammo types to customize your weapons
huge array of modules to specialization your character, wanna jump higher? run faster? fire more accurate? heal faster? etc well you cant have them all so prepare to spend hours fine tuning your equipment load outs. 
Earn credits from kills to freely spawn vehicles anywhere on the map (tanks, bikes, mechs!)
Earn credits from kills to freely spawn deployables like defensive turrets, radar dishes to expose enemies and supplys to heal and restock your team mates 
Jet packs! 
32 Player multiplayer! (suck on that BF3)

This all and more for the cheap cheap price of 15 bucks
The downside well its a budget game, you get awesome unique features like the deployable system and character customization that completely alter your gameplay  but at the end of the day it just wont feel as refined as a CoD or battlefield. I have spend 60+ hours in the original section 8 and i can tell you that the game will feel arcade-y with its re-genning shields and jet packs. The constantly changing battle environment (due to the deploy-able system) and you can never be sure what opponent you're fighting with the div-rent ammo types and character setups that this game demands a high grade of adaptability and opportunism if you wish to be successful.
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Virtually zero advertisement for this PSN release, could they be relying solely on word to mouth?

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Hm, might check it out.. not sure. 

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