Am I the only person who can't stand the Dual Shock?

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#51 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

Dual Shock ain't that bad but the 360 controller is superior in most ways in my opinion.

#52 Posted by Stete (784 posts) -

I think the Dual Shock is better. The 360 pad has a horrible d-pad and the face buttons arent flat enough which literally makes them a pain to use in games where you need to repeatedly hammer them down.

#53 Edited by kgb0515 (427 posts) -

I prefer using the shoulder buttons on the dualshock over the triggers on the 360 controller, but that's just a matter of twitch sensitivity for me. I don't have the best reaction time, so the fact that it just takes a click to zoom and shoot works to my advantage. I also prefer the convexed controller knobs and the d-pad on the PS3 controller. Everything else works better on the 360 controller, and they are better ergonomically speaking. But those bumpers just suck IMO.

#54 Posted by Spuirrel (90 posts) -

I used to not like it, but it grew on me.

#55 Posted by RainDog505 (121 posts) -

I'm fine with either controller (Dual Shock or 360) for virtually any game. Except fighters (which I have a fight stick on each console), RTS and FPS (which I universally play on god intended).

#56 Posted by AgnosticJesus (547 posts) -

I usually can't stand these "am I the only one" threads but I have to agree with the OP. I cannot stand the DualShock controller and will often pick the 360 version of a game based on my controller preference. I almost wish Sony would have released the "batarang" controller they first showed.

#57 Posted by Dixavd (1541 posts) -

@Hamz said:

@Dixavd said:

I prefer it incredibly more than the 360 controller. but here is the controller I would make if I were to make one:

  • Bottom Triggers of the 360.
  • Top back triggers of the Ps3 controller.
  • Face buttons the size of the Dualshock ones, with the the spread and roll-ability-of-the-thumb like the PSP but the rigidity of the 3DS buttons.
  • Analogue sticks from the Wii Classic Controller Pro (but with the ability to press in like the RL/3 buttons on the Dualshock).
  • PSP arrow buttons (they are like the Dualshocks but they stick out more) but with the click/response of the 3DS arrows.
  • Size and basic controller shape like the Classic Controller Pro.
  • Middle button like the Dualshocks but with the two buttons either side of it like the 360's Start and Back buttons.

I'd be on board with an idea like that.

The only addition I'd make is to have the entire thing, or at least parts which have the most contact with your palm, covered in some form of rubber/soft silicone coating to help ease the "slippery" feel after long term use and to maybe add a bit of "bump" protection if you get a bit rough with the controller.

Kind of how iPhones have some "bumper" covers to give you more grip and off set possible damage if you drop it and what not.

Yeah. I would actually like companies to make little overlays which change the texture of it to change the grip (like they did with the Wiki controllers) and possibly even have ones with different bumps on them to rest fingers in different places to make it more comfortable for players who like to have their hands in unconventional positions (or just positions which are less intuitive with the normal design). I know some companies go out of their way to do that stuff, but it would be nice for a company to do an official one (like having each new controller have its normal version and then an overlay - possibly even advertising it as a 2-in-one controller so, for instance, you could have the normal one or put the sleeve on and make it so the thumbs are more horizontal to the analogue sticks.

#58 Posted by SomeJerk (3753 posts) -

If the analogue sticks were cups rather than domes, R2/L2 were actual triggers and the D-Pad was licensed from Nintendo or ripped from Sega's second generation Saturn pad, then the dualshock would be 5/5.

#59 Posted by GeekDown (1173 posts) -

I hate it and it's the biggest reason why I haven't bought a PS3 yet. It doesn't feel good in my hands at all and I think that the stick layout is completely wrong and uncomfortable. Despite this I am contemplating buying a PS3 so I guess I'll have to suffer through. Maybe I can eventually get used to it, but I doubt it.

#60 Edited by Kidavenger (3942 posts) -

@Taku128 said:

I hate the analog sticks and their position,

I agree, hated the sticks since day they came out for the PS1, I like everything else about the controller.

I also hate the sticks on the xbox, purely for the tension though, position is fine.

N64 is probably my favorite controller, but it would never work with a second stick.

#61 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3687 posts) -

Yes in the whole world you are the only one.

#62 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Dual Shock 3 is my favorite controller of all time. I like the 360 controller too, but I like DS3 more.

#63 Posted by Fjordson (2559 posts) -

It's not a bad controller, but it's a piece of shit compared to the 360 pad. The sticks are mediocre, the triggers are abysmal, and it's way too light. Feels flimsy in my hands.

360 pad is one of the best controllers ever really. Even when on PC, it's my default controller.

#64 Posted by MOAB (463 posts) -

@Illuminosopher said:

Bring back the Duke!.


#65 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -


#66 Posted by theManUnknown (191 posts) -

If I could take the face buttons of the dual shock and the Nintendo's DPad and bootstrap them on to a Xbox 360 controller, that would be the best controller.

Let's hope Nintendo's upcoming pro controller comes close.

#67 Posted by sthusby (449 posts) -

Yes. You are the only one.

#68 Posted by bchampnd (111 posts) -

I really like the Dual Shock controller except for the triggers. They should ditch them and go back to the PS2 setup or figure out a way to improve them.

To be fair with regard to people who talk about Sony not making any real design changes to its controller since the PS1 - Sony did try to reinvent its controller this generation but people did not appreciate the boomerang. After that fiasco, there probably wasn't enough time to come up with anything else prior to launch so they stuck with the old design.

#69 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4013 posts) -

I used to like it but after getting used to the 360 controller I'm not a fan.

#70 Posted by huntad (2112 posts) -

Originally I disliked the PS3 controller as well, but it just takes some getting used to. There are only 3 things I would change:

  1. Add some resistance to the analog sticks. Not a lot, just some.
  2. Make the triggers actual triggers. I don't want them slipping from my hands.
  3. Maybe make the controller a bit bigger?

Also, the 360 Dpad is terrible. Fix that and the controller would be nearly flawless. No, I have not tried that rotating DPad controller yet.

#71 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

I prefer the dualshock controller over the 360 one. It just feels right.

#72 Posted by Yummylee (23648 posts) -

I think both the PS3 & 360 controllers are alright, though I just marginally prefer the 360 version. The position of the analogues just feel so right, maaan.

#73 Posted by Hunter5024 (6445 posts) -

I do wish that people had given the boomerang a shot. All of the controllers could stand to be designed more ergonomically so that we can hold them more comfortably. And if people really hate them so much then companies can always offer a classic controller to get more money out of them. I don't have any real problem with the dual shock other than L2/R2 though.

#74 Posted by Akyho (1834 posts) -

The PS3 Sixaxis is a horrible controller. No vibration of which it was Sony that introduced it. Then stupid Sixaxis motion control that hinder game play than helped.

On top of that the L2 and R2 are the worst, I would hit them randomly and do something like throw a grenade. I would try and use them only to have my fingers slip right off them and the amount of force needed. I bought these little plastic add on's that turn them in "Real Triggers" solved all my problems....just I was playing Ragdoll Kungfu or Pain with six axis and ended up bashing them off and losing them.

There is just a certain flaw with the design. The controllers I used had these little screw holes at the back and that would be were my middle fingers would rest, these screw holes have often unfinished sharp edging and if not my flesh is going in it and rubbing against it. It irritates my skin and causes a hardened skin that hurts and itches. Something horrible during long play sessions.

Its a tad small I can complain however the sticks are terrible. I kept slipping off or ending up having to use the edge of the sticks rather than the dome. This ledge to guess what? More irritated hardened skin!!

Also due to the countless times I dropped the one I had, something inside broke and would jiggle around in the hollow empty parts were the Duel shock would have motors to vibrate. Drove me mad.

However I sink down with the 360 controller and man it feels great. Comfortable molds my hands it feels fine and does what I want it to do.

The fucking army even use 360 controllers to control their UAV drones in the field! Since its the most comfortable designed and accurate controller.

#75 Posted by AngelN7 (3000 posts) -

@Akyho: Probably because is easier to integrate them with a PC not because they're the most comfortable that's subjective.

#76 Posted by Brackynews (4250 posts) -

The Playstation D-pad is second only to Nintendo's One True Design.

So sayeth the guy with red username. :)

#77 Edited by Akyho (1834 posts) -

@AngelN7 said:

@Akyho: Probably because is easier to integrate them with a PC not because they're the most comfortable that's subjective.

That is also very true. However Id say for durability and comfort on top.

I had a friend that would rage quit and badly. His xbox controllers became more of a danger to what it hit. While the PS3 broke or bounced around like a bouncy ball.

I am no longer friend him for such reasons.

#78 Posted by lavaman77 (623 posts) -

@Ghostiet said:

I prefer the Dual Shock. The only thing I would change is turning L2/R2 in to actual triggers.

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