Any good US only PS3 games?

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Over the weekend I'm probably going ti import You Don't Know Jack, I waited a while to see if they would release it over here. But unfortunately that never happened, the game is also cheap enough now so I decided to bring it over from the States.

Are there any other good US PS3 games worth importing?


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honestly didn't know that there were many, if any US only ps3 games.

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@captain_clayman: There is Afrika, is that a good game?

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@Hizang said:

@captain_clayman: There is Afrika, is that a good game?

That was released in Japan before North America.

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@FluxWaveZ: Oops, I made a mistake with the tittle, what I mean is a game not released in Europe.

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@Hizang said:

@captain_clayman: There is Afrika, is that a good game?

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Only thing I can thing of is the MLB: The Show games if baseball is your thing.

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No, the US has no good games.

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The Us are the whores of the media industry, if they spread it you can bet there will probably be pictures everywhere the next morning.

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They stopped selling games here a few months ago.

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@Hizang said:

Rocksmith also never came out here.

But it will in 2012, I believe.

Or, I hope so.

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Did Europe ever get Mortal Kombat?

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@EVO: ...

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Unless you live in the UK, be prepared to have nobody to play it with. the fast punctuation proved too much for any of my friends to consistently know what the hell was going on

Half the questions are over before any sane person could have read all the answers lol

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I don't understand why this topic exists. Aren't European games the same as American games except they run at 50 Hz and they are censored in Germany?

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@ShadowSkill11: No because some games that are released in the US are not released in the UK, You Don't Know Jack for example.

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