Anyone tried to get Netflix on their PS3 outside of the US?

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Hey guys. 
Any chance I can get Netflix on my Swiss PS3? (Also got an Xbox, but that seems more complicated and requires a US-GOLD). I already have a VPN-account that gives my PC a IP from California. That seems to work fine with Netflix on the computer. So I have a Swiss PSN-Account (but I guess you can simply add another user). How can I get my PS3 to connect through VPN (does it even check for the IP?).
UPDATE: Do not even bother. Even if you can trick the PS3 into getting a US-IP, the Netflix application will still check for your serial number or something.

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I know my friend has set up European PS3 accounts (we live in Canada) and he's gotten access to stuff that way.  Maybe if you setup a new account and say you're from California, seeing that's what you're spoofing your IP it might work that way?  This is all conjecture clue if it'd work.

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@Wuddel: This sounds like a wonderful idea actually.
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Well, I made a new user with a US PSN-account, but the Netflix icon in the video section is not showing up. So I guess there must be an IP check (only my PC has an US ip, since it has a VPN client). So I have to bypass that. Hum...

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Netflix IP blocks. 
When I was in Japan my parent's Netflix account didn't work back then.

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Yeah, but how often does it check? Currently I am trying to use my PC as a wireless access point so I can hand through the IP, but thats kind of complicated. I am at the point where I actually can use the PC as a WAP, but the vpn connction then hangs up on my and evey device EXCEPT my PC has internet access.

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Ok guys, I got the connection to work.
1) Installed a virtual netwok adaptor on my Win 7 PC.
2) Set up a wireless network on the PC.
3) Set the VPN connection to shared.
4) Made a US PSN-account.
5) Connected the PS3 to the new wireless network and rebooted it.
6) Netflix icon under movies popped up. (Excitement!)
7) Installed the software.
8) Got the prompt: This software can only be started on Playstations that were sold in North Amercia, or something like that.
So it seems that it does check for IP and the serial number (I got a slim.). Well, fuck you Netflix & Sony! But good to know, that I probably will want to sell my PS3 should I ever move back to the US.
This is not how globalization is supposed to work for the customer.

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@Wuddel said:
 This is not how globalization is supposed to work for the customer.  

But, this is how licensing is supposed to work for the companies in Switzerland, I am sure they are just trying to get there cut.  
I live in Japan and I have had the same problems. Netflix used to work on my Xbox in the beginning when I was choosing them on my computer then watching them on my xbox because they only checked the ip of my computer, but they changed it with an update a year or so ago.  
I would suggest just watching them on your computer. A few of my friends do that in Japan and it works fine for them. I usually just go through other means.

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Been using it in Canada now since they released the service here.  Works fantastic on the PS3. 

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