Anyone use dynamic themes?

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Anyone into using dynamic themes on the PS3? Every once in a while I see a free one that has nice effects and 3D, but usually they are kinda silly, and most of them are nothing more than a changing or scrolling wallpaper that is pretty lame. Right now I am using one from the ICO/Shadow collection that is kinda neat. Has anyone paid for the fancier ones and found a good one that makes full use of the effects and 3d rendering capable of a dynamic theme? It's hard to tell from the PSN store what each dynamic theme actually does, or how much effects it uses, and I don't feel like spending 3 bucks on something just to try it out.


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i'm currently using that dragon one, because game of thrones.

usually it's the heavy rain alleyway theme. can't remember if i paid for the heavy rain one, but i'm sure the dragon one came from ps+. the heavy rain one is a 3d alleyway with rain falling down, and i've got another one that's a crime scene where 3d cops will walk around, but it seems to be 720 or something, cause the scene seems to small for my screen that's 1080. i dunno.

edit: dragon and heavy rain.

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I tend to switch from dynamic themes to this Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction theme. But I don't buy themes. I have some of the free ones and 2 from games I pre-ordered which are Bioshock Infinite and God of War: Ascension.

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I used to use a lot of themes, now I think the default ps3 one looks the best, plus it's a little jarring seeing the default load up, then go black and switch to whatever theme you're using.

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Heavy Rain is the one I've used pretty much since I got it with the special edition. It's great, though a bit too gloomy at times...

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I use to use Standard and Dynamic themes before just reverting back to the regular XMB. I always got annoyed when the XMB got updated with a new option and the theme I was currently using didn't have a specific icon for it.

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@jmatrix said:

Heavy Rain is the one I've used pretty much since I got it with the special edition. It's great, though a bit too gloomy at times...

I used that for years but I have since switched to the Journey one which is a bit more uplifting.

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I do! I find that most of the Dynamic Themes feel really out of place and too busy for their own good, but I really really like the one I have now called the Playstation Plus Leap Year Dynamic Theme. Been using it for a solid year and don't have any intention of ever changing it. I believe it came free with PS+.

Weirdly enough it's IMO the best Dynamic theme, yet it seems to be one of the only ones without a video online. It looks like this, but the earth spins slowly and the sun/moon revolve around it. Really chill theme.

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I bought a few like the Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet one but they are a waste of money.

Just look for the free ones if you have PS+, there are some nice abstract looking ones from The Studio.

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Ever since I got the Ico&SotC Collection, I've been using the Ico Dynamic theme for my PS3. I like it a whole bunch and never felt like I've had to change it.

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Video for references sake.

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The Dark Souls dynamic themes are pretty cool. They're free, too. I use the Path of the Dragon one.

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Corn Love, anyone?

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I use them, but only when I get them for free.

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If it's free I usually check them out.

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Used to but not for a long time. Just got a theme with icons I liked and I have a wallpaper I copied off my PC as the background.

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I use the graffiti one that was offered on PS+

I like them.

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yes, i just don't care for the ones that are too busy and get old pretty quickly.

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I got a couple from a site that makes them for free. It's one of my favorite things about the PS3.

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I use the LBP theme, which changes depending on the time of day. Pretty cool.

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