Are you kidding me, really?

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ok, i accept that this is my fault

i knew that some ps3 models dont have bc, but still...

i never tried playing ps2 games on my ps3 until today. i just assumed i had a model that could do it because on the xmb it says ps1/ps2 save data manager (or something like that)

well, i tried, and it didnt work. why would it have the data manager if it had no bc?

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Which model do you have?

40GB does not have B/C, but it has the same OS installed which has the PS1/PS1 Save Data Manager. There is no point of having an edited OS for the 40GB as it is more trouble updating firmware across all systems (I'd assume). Sony just wants a unified OS across everything. On the box of the 40GB it mentions that it is not Backwards Compatible.

80GB, 60GB, and 20GB are all B/C.

And don't you think this belongs in a blog?

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