bad Fifa 13 Graphics

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I Recently Bought PS3 With Fifa 13 But Fifa Graphics Look Bad Like It's not HD

What should I Do (my T.V Screen Is Full HD)

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If you recently bought a PS3 that most likely means you are using the video cable that came in the box which will only give you picture in Standard Definition. You need to go buy either an HDMI cable (assuming your tv has in input plug for it) or a Component cable.

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i am not using it and i don't have input plug for it

What The Fuck should i do ?!

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Try following this display settings guide. The issue could be that you don't have the higher resolutions enabled, so follow the guide and make sure to enable 720p/1080p.

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What other systems are you comparing this to? Also how close are you sitting to this TV? Console games can look like hot garbage on a 1080p if you are sitting too close to the screen. If it looks bad compared to an Xbox 360 then it sounds like it not set up properly.

Are you using Component the 5 colored plugs? Or are you using HDMI? If you are only using 3 colored plugs it would look bad, like a Wii game.

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i am using 3 colored plugs not HDMI

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@muhammad said:

i am using 3 colored plugs only ot hdmi

This is what an HDMI cable looks like. It is sold separately from the PS3, but one of these can be bought cheaply.

If your TV does not have a plug that this fits into, then it doesn't seem to be an HDTV. Can you find this logo anywhere on your TV?

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alright sry i found place for hdmi i will buy one and try this and i will tell u if it works thanks slaegar

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alright @slaegar i bought it and it worked very well thank you very much

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