Best Fighting Game on PS3?

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Recently purchased a PS3 and the only game that I have to play with it at the moment is NBA 2k11. I've been looking into getting a new game and think that I might want a fighting one.

So what is the best fighting game on the PS3 in your opinion? Street Fighter 4? Marvel vs. Capcom3 ? Mortal Kombat? Seems like those are the Top 3 right now but I wouldn't know as I'm pretty new to the PS3 scene. Dont' want to buy all three of them so if you could choose one which one would it be? Or is there another one that I haven't read about yet? Thanks in advance.
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as much as i dearly love mortal kombat, street fighter iv is still the best. and it's damn cheap now.

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Depends on what you like ofc :) I would say Super Street fighter 4, but you can wait a couple of months and buy arcade edition on disc. 
Marvel is fast as hell and a bit to much for my taste, but it is still a fun game to play among friends:)

Think maybe some other ppl here can say more on Mk as my copy still haven't shown up yet.

Edit: or buy ssf4 now and get the AE dlc for 15 bucks:)

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super street fighter 4 imo.

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Super Street Fighter IV, but I'm not a Mortal Kombat guy.

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Depends on your experience with fighting games. If you're new to the genre, I would highly recommend getting BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. It offers a handy tutorial feature that will teach you the mechanics and going-ons in the game, as well as common fighting game mechanics/lingo that is seen in other fighting games such as SF. It really helped make fighting games more accessible to me. Also, the netcode is pretty superior to anything else that is currently offered. The community here takes advantage of that and hosts weekly Fight Nights for it that welcome all skill levels. Its a great way to improve and learn new things. You should be able to find Continuum Shift for around $20 now, since it has been out for awhile.

Mortal Kombat is a ton of fun and relatively easy to pick up and just start having fun. With loads of features and unlockables, this game is a great value.

Arcana Heart 3, if you can get past the all-girl roster and other negative stereotypes associated with it because of its presentation, you will actually get a great fighting game with a ton of depth to it and unique characters. Good luck learning it though, there are a lot of things going on that you may have to understand to become competent. Unfortunately, you'd have to wait for PSN come back up, because it is a downloadable title only for $30. Luckily, it uses the same netcode that is used in BlazBlue. So the online experience would be a positive one. When PSN comes back, I plan on starting a Fight Night for this title as well.

This is personal opinion, but I have never really had any fun with SSF4. I've tried multiple occasions, but its just something that didn't click with me.
MvC3 is fun, but in a button mashy kind of way. I would never devote time to actually learn how to play that game competently. 

Mortal Kombat, BlazBlue:CS, and Arcana Heart 3 would be the 3 fighting games I would suggest out of personal experience...
Good luck on your hunt, and I hope you find the fighting game for you. All the titles I mentioned (especially SSF4) have a pretty strong, tight-knit community here. So you're bound to find some friendly faces to spar with.
#7 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2605 posts) -

This man speaks the truth



If I had to say one I'd say grab Mortal Kombat it's great with friends.



However, if you're friendless, or want to spend a good month learning it get street fighter. Then you could even buy another game cause it's so cheap now lol

#8 Posted by GetEveryone (4455 posts) -


(...I did that in the announcer's voice, in case you can't tell.)

Marvel is great, just wasn't for me. Felt very nonsense.

Haven't got MK yet, but it looks great and I'll likely pick it up in a few weeks, anyway. Depends what you're after tbh.
#9 Posted by ricetopher (1046 posts) -

Why do we need so many of these topics? Try every fucking fighting game. I don't want to see fighting games worthy of being played get passed up because of people simply wanting to play what is "the best" and not the others.

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It depends on what you're looking for. If you want world class, high skill stuff, Super Street Fighter 4 is probably the way to go. If you're more casual, MK9 is a ton of fun, perfectly competent, and easy to pick up. If you want totally crazy, BlazBlue probably has you covered.

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anyone who says Tekken 6 is a liar, man, fuck that game

#12 Posted by Soap (3607 posts) -

Super Street Fighter IV!

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In my experiences I've found that BlazBlue is awesome with friends. Like, crazy awesome. It's a lot more flexible than both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat yet still has a very strict side to it if you want to get deep into it.
Here is a list of great ones though:

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
Virtua Fighter 5
Marvel vs. Capcom series

Mortal Kombat (haven't played, but looks good)

IMO Arcana Heart 3 looks like a pile of steaming shit so I'd stay away from it, but that's just me. I don't really think the PS3 has any exclusive fighters besides that one though so it's basically the same as other platforms. And by other platforms I mean the 360 lol, minus Dead or Alive.
#14 Posted by lockon_one (93 posts) -

my fave is tekken 6. dont hate me on this and i aint lying, but its the one but its the most appealing to me. it depends on personal taste. its also one of the most popular fighting games in asia, maybe 2nd to street fighter 4.  i also like its mechanics the best of all fighting games I play. of course it cant please everyone.

marvel vs capcom 3 is also great and really fun. for me it covers the "mayhem" part bec. of its mechanics (partner assists, aerial tag combos etc).  super street fighter 4 is great too. it involves lots of skill to really excel in this game but is still enjoyable if you have no experience in stf games. blazblue is another great game, especially if you have guilty gear background. you could also use the right analog shortcuts in blazblue if you are having a hrad time. havent got mortal kombat but im planning to pick it up as well. its good the story got rebooted. mk also covers the brutal part (esp. fatalities)

my suggestion asides this forum is to read reviews or watch videos in youtube to see what  pleases you the most.  
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Super Street Fighter IV. Specially with AE on the way.

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@godfather40:  It comes down to personal preference, I am making assumptions but you seem like a more casual player and mortal kombat was designed to be played on a pad. It is easy to do all the moves and the combos feel very satisfying. Are there any fighting games previously you have played and enjoyed and do you have friends you will be playing with locally?

I know many people who just have never been able to play or enjoy street fighter, with mortal kombat you are garunteed a good time.

If you want dedicate a lot of time to a fighting game and be serious about it, get SSFIV. Its the better game in my opinion, but not very beginner friendly.
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SSF4 imo is the best

its a very well refined game with alot of complexity and is great fun to play online

Mortal Kombat is a close second 

its a really tough one
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Mortal Kombat.

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I really think you need to just try them out yourself. 

For example, many people will tell you Blazblue is garbage but I personally think it's the best fighting game out of japan this gen. It all comes down to what game feels right to you. 
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As many have said, it really depends. If you're new to the genre or just want a significant amount of single player content I'd go with MK. Otherwise I'd say that SSFIV, while slightly tricky to pick up, is vastly superior in terms of core gameplay, depth and character balance. Or if you're more of a fan of 3D fighters I see no reason not to check out either Soul Calibur IV or Tekken 6. They should be extremely cheap by now.

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When I read the topic, it caught me a little off guard to see your first sentence say

 "Recently purchased a PS3 and the only game that I have to play with it at the moment is NBA 2k11"

when skimming over it. I was gonna say.. man is Ron Artest throwing elbows? .. then it got me thinking.. We need a remake of

Box Art Front

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