best site to import games?

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so yakuza 5 is coming out in japan and i really want it i don't care if it comes out next year in english i just want it now so i was wondering which site is the cheapest and most trust worthy you've used?

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Got Anarchy Reigns from Play-Asia last week.

They always have good service and their site has great way of showing you if there's any shenanigans with the games that might make them not work with your so-called region free Tripple, like the Persona 4: Arena debacle.

And their weekly sales are pretty boss too. If you don't have Yakuza: Dead Souls you can get it for a wink and a smile there now.

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seems pretty cool and now that you mention it i will also import anarchy reigns i leke the free shipping in some stuff too

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Play Asia & NCSX

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