Biggest HDD Allowable in a PS3

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Hey all, I was looking into upgrading my PS3's storage capacity here pretty soon. I find myself with a lot of digital titles (mostly due to PS+ free games and games on sale), and I need more space for all these games!

So, does anyone know what the largest HDD is that can be installed in a PS3?

I currently have a 500GB one in there right now, and it's practically filled! Can I slap a 2TB drive in there? Does one even exist that will fit? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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@ssj4raditz: I wanna say 2TB is the limit but I could be wrong. I know 1TB drives will work for sure though.

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I'm pretty sure as long as you can find one of the right size (laptop size, 2.5" 9mm SATA) it will work. There are some that sit at 2.6" and I hear you can use those as long as you're not using the HDD caddy that comes with the PS3 drive but I don't personally think I'd risk that.

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It needs to be 9.5mm in thickness, same for PS4. Make sure to look out for that.

So any 2.5" that size will work. I highly doubt there is any storage space limit.

#5 Posted by ssj4raditz (1156 posts) -

Alrighty, thanks for the info, guys! :)

#6 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2646 posts) -

I highly doubt Sony would intentionally impose a limit so you should be good to buy as much as you can find.

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Is there even a 2TB laptop hard drive ?

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The PS3 supports an internal drive of up to 1TB, and up to 2TB for a USB drive plugged into the console. From what I can tell from the conversation on this forum, the limit stems either from an obsolete SATA controller within the unit, or it's just a limitation imposed by Sony.

Internally, the PS3 won't be able to see a drive larger than 1TB.

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