Can I fix my PS3

#1 Posted by s10129107 (1365 posts) -

There's some sort of a problem with the disk drive. The motor perhaps. Some discs will work some wont.

BlueRay Movies - Yes

DVDs - No

Games - No

So the discs that don't work all seem a bit thicker and i can hear the disc drive chug when its spinning them. Sometimes they'll work for a little while and stop. Is it something wrong with the motor or is there something just stuck in the disc drive. Does anybody know how to check?

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weird that it plays bluray movies and not bluray games.. Haven't ever heard of this problem, but if you're willing to open up your PS3 and move some stuff around yourself, I'm sure you could find spare disc drives on eBay (If that's even the problem)

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I know that the PS3 at school (not the one I got to now sadly) would only play games if you loaded up a game or demo from the HDD and then booted to the disc from the XMB while in game.

it's possible that it is having difficulty with dual-layered discs, in which case your boned.

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I was playing persona 3 and now my system turns on beeps twice and turns itself off. Anyone have this problem?

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@DM: That's the yellow light of death, which actually just means general hardware failure. Sometimes it's fixable, sometimes it isn't. Look up some tutorials on how to fix it and try them out, but any fix is only going to last a couple months at best. I tried everything with my original 60GB model except for changing the mother board and the bluray drive and it still wouldn't work so I eventually bought a new one.

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@mosespippy thank 's ,but god dammit I was hoping it wasent that. I got it to work yesterday for a bit. Then when I tried to turn it back on it was busted again. I should have transferred my saves when I had a chance.
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@DM: will fix your PS3 for a lot cheaper than Sony and they wont erase your hard drive or anything. I've used them to fix my original PS3 back when that thing still had life. They are pretty quick too.

#8 Posted by DM (88 posts) -
@Lava thanks for the tip. Gonna look into it.
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Picard's angry because his ancient PS3 broke.

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I had the DVD laser go on a PS2. maybe it is something the same.

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How old is the PS3?

A replacement lens assembly costs about 35 bucks, and takes only a few screws and a few ribbon cables to get it out and replaced.

If you're comfortable taking apart a piece of electronics equipment, you'll be fine. There are plenty of walkthroughs to watch out there.

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@DM: No problem, good luck.

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