Can't download game patches.

#1 Posted by ANYMAN (14 posts) -

I just bought a jailbreaked ps3, formatted and reverted back to latest original firmware to play games online. My connection is fine. I can sign in to PSN, download games and everything but the patches won't download. It gives me 80710092 error which means it can't connect to psn but as i said before i can sign in with no problems. I'm so confused please help me.

#2 Posted by mikey87144 (2009 posts) -

@ANYMAN said:

I just bought a jailbreaked ps3,

That might be your first problem.

#3 Posted by Zelyre (1414 posts) -

Sony will ban consoles that are jailbroken, just an FYI. Even if you reverted to stock, it was probably already banned from the previous owner.

#4 Posted by Rafaelfc (1836 posts) -

now you know why it was so cheap

#5 Posted by StoffInator (156 posts) -

As said above, jailbreak is probably the reason.

#6 Posted by ANYMAN (14 posts) -

But i can download from PSN just fine. If it is banned how can i still browse the store and download demos etc

#7 Posted by ANYMAN (14 posts) -

Turns out i have a shitty router. Solved the problem by using my pc as a proxy. I can now play online games with my 100$ ps3 YAY

#8 Posted by mordukai (7834 posts) -
@mikey87144 said:

@ANYMAN said:

I just bought a jailbreaked ps3,

That might be your first problem.

This might be his only problem.

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