Connecting a game pad to a PC via bluetooth?

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I really want to use my Dualshock 3 to play PC games, which works fine with a cable - but I can't get it to work wirelessly. Apparently the bluetooth receiver I'm using (it came bundled with this) is missing an essential feature or something, because after I've successfully paired the receiver and my game pad using MotioninJoy , none of the buttons actually work. Like I said, I have no issues getting it to work when plugged in with a cable.

So can anyone recommend a bluetooth receiver (at a reasonable price) that works with a Dualshock 3 controller, or am I better off buying a 360 game pad and bluetooth receiver for PC? If you think the 360 pad is a better choice, is there a bundle or something I could buy that includes the bluetooth receiver? I searched the official site but I couldn't find anything.

I appreciate any input on this. Thanks in advance!

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@Lunar_Aura: Thanks! What's weird is that my current bluetooth receiver is actually on that list, it's supposed to work...

Anyway, ended up ordering this. I'll try to remember to update this topic with whether I get it working or not.

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The ASUS bluetooth dongle I ordered works perfectly! Just wanted to post that here.

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