Court order all new PS3's seized Netherlands. Including in homes.

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Shit just got real! If you didn't know, LG want all PS3's banned from sales in Europe and US over the blu-ray player.

 LG has won a court order enabling it to seize all new PS3 across the Netherlands – including those already in Dutch homes – in a dispute that centres on Sony's allegedly infringing use of Blu-ray technology belonging to LG. 

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo PS3 because people be seizing shit up in here.
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There was another thread about this earlier.  But yeah, crazy.

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That's ridiculous.

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christ what is going on in the world? expecting to wake up to WW3 tomorrow at this rate.

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Sony has been in the news a lot this year. All for really bad reasons.

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How would they take them from homes? It's not like Best Buy sells you something on an account and records your address (I know it's the Netherlands, but I assume the Netherlands equivalent of Best Buy also doesn't do this). Even if the police (who almost certainly have much better things to do) came to your house you could just lie to them. It's not like they can just barge in and take your stuff without some kind of probable cause (again, I know it's the Netherlands, but presumably they have somewhat similar laws).

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Looking forward to the ramming LG's going to get when courts worldwide tell them to suck it up. They're trying to pull a Rambus. What Rambus did was partner up with a ton of memory manufacturers, share technology and promises all openly free-to-use-forever only to afterwards once it was too late strike and patent everything, then demand money from their now former partners.

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Dude you can smoke weed but can't play PS3 there?   Now THAT is a difficult trade-off.

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