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#1 Posted by Hero_Of_Tme (6 posts) -

I am wanting to ask for one of those for my birthday but which should I go for?

#2 Posted by jtickner1 (124 posts) -

Well have you had any history with the previous games in either the Devil May Cry or Grand Theft Auto series? If you have, I'd go with whatever you prefered when playing them. I personally haven't played any of the DMC games and am a huge fan of the GTA series. GTA IV is great, but its severely lacking in some aspects. Think, GTA 3 with a face lift.

#3 Posted by CrimsonSnake (63 posts) -

pretty much agree with jtickner1, GTA IV is probably still more fun than DMC 4 unless you're a die hard DMC fan.

#4 Posted by viraj (61 posts) -

depends man dmc 4 igot bored after some time buh gta 4 is awsome

#5 Edited by Gnubberen (811 posts) -

Hm if you're a hardcore DMC fan, then DMC 4 all the way... if not, then GTA IV all the way :)

#6 Posted by LtColJaxson (1186 posts) -
FlemmingM said:
"Hm if you're a hardcore DMC fan, then DMC 4 all the way... if not, then GTA IV all the way :)
Yeah. If you are really hardcore into past DMC games - then get DMC4.

Otherwise GTA4 is a great game too. (MGS4 pwns them all)
#7 Posted by Hero_Of_Tme (6 posts) -

MGS4 was a simple choice, DMC4/GTAIV were for the second game. :3 Hmm....><

#8 Posted by Harrison (42 posts) -

dmc i'd only recomend if your a real big fan of the series but it's still not great but it's good,
your not missing much, it dosnt bring much new to the series of dmc.
gta iv re-creates the gta franchise in a good way altogh a few people didnt like it.

#9 Posted by banksrob (1140 posts) -

probably GTA IV but i am only saying that cause i don't have devil may cry. I think GTA will keep you playing for longer though.

#10 Posted by spragels (102 posts) -

There is no question that you should go with GTA.

#11 Posted by wizzardjeff (188 posts) -


#12 Posted by Star67 (17 posts) -

get GTA4, DMC4 was a total let down. Only get it if you are a big fan of the series and even then you may not like it.

#13 Posted by Hero_Of_Tme (6 posts) -

Alright. Then my first two PS3 games are MGS4 and GTAIV. DMC4 will be third. Damn, I'll love my PS3. XD

#14 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

GTA4 for sure.

#15 Posted by whoozwah (59 posts) -

I've only played DMC4 of the two and I thought it was pretty awesome.

#16 Posted by NinjaMunkey (211 posts) -

GTA4, its so fun, plus its got loads of replayability since you can just roam around messing about.

#17 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Well, I've only played DMC4, and I'm going to say GTAIV because from what I've seen of it, it is quite a lot better than DMC4

Not to say DMC4 is bad, it's a great game but it doesn't quite compare

#18 Posted by MrZeal (94 posts) -

Both good games, only that GTA IV is a Good GREAT Game... and waaaay better than DMC4!


#19 Posted by BloodStaindWings (30 posts) -

Both great games, if your a die hard fan of the DMC series you'll love DMC4
i am 40+ hrs into it. Loving the game :]
Peace and adios

#20 Posted by thelastguy (365 posts) -

GTAIV is a pretty good game, I did not like DMC4 personally

#21 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

GTAIV, duh! DMC4 was ok and all, but GTA is infinitely better IMO.

#22 Posted by AnonymousLegion (92 posts) -

The fanboys will be going OMG U FOOL GTA 4 LOL.
But, nah, unless you're a big fan of the older games. (Your sanity is in question if you are.)
I'd go DMC, it's way more fun...
Even though, in my opinion, neither game is great...

#23 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

this choice is obviously easy, go with GTA IV.

#24 Posted by Buzzer_Beater (208 posts) -

Ask for GTA IV. Online is pretty fun with friends.

#25 Posted by shimbibby (115 posts) -

GTA4 is an amazing gaming experience. Theres so much to it. Only thing bad I have to say about GTA4 is that im at a helicopter mission i cant get past and its soooo damn frustrating. Overall GTA is super unbelievable and alot of replay/screw around value to it.

#26 Posted by jinxman (527 posts) -

GTA4 hands down...if there is a person that would honestly choose DMC4 over GTA4, there is something wrong with them...

#27 Edited by NoDeath (854 posts) -

Played both games, my personal preference would be GTA IV but the games are so completely different that its really down to your own personal preferences

#28 Posted by phatkav (321 posts) -

You will probably get more game time with GTAIV than DMC4. Also there is online and that's always nice to have in a game.

#29 Posted by leirbag_gamer (23 posts) -

gta 4 if want a good game

#30 Posted by iamceslaw (4 posts) -

it really depends are u a bigger dmc fan or a gta fan both are good games in there respective series

#31 Posted by Raspinudo (302 posts) -

I love GTAIV but im a hardcore DMC fan so ill give the nod to dante on this one.

#32 Posted by fraser (542 posts) -

I'd go with GTA4, i'm a huge DMC fan aswell but DMC4 doesn't feel like a proper next gen experience. It's just a continuation of an awesome formula, but nothing about it feels particulalry new, unlike GTA4 which is a complete revamp

#33 Posted by NotaStalker (175 posts) -


#34 Posted by DanCarmichael (233 posts) -

I recon you would have to be a pretty big  DMC fan to prefer it to GTA 4.

But it still comes down to personal preference.

#35 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

DMC4 is alot more enjoyable.

#36 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

gta 4 is the best choice

#37 Posted by DrPepper1990 (561 posts) -

They both are very repetitive and for me, get boring rather quickly. I did beat DMC4 and it was nothing special. GTA 4 is an awesome game but I just got bored of it to quickly.

#38 Edited by BigDo6 (231 posts) -

GTA 4 and there isn't even a debate. My friend who is a devoted DMC fan, wasn't even able to get halfway through DMC 4, whereas GTA 4 is one of the greatest games of all time, in both of our opinions. GTA 4 is more than just a game, just read any of these user reviews to get a sense of what you are in store for, if you buy GTA 4.

Big Do-six: "That's why they pay me."

#39 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

GTA IV, no question whatsoever.

#40 Posted by DrPepper1990 (561 posts) -

Yea go with GTA

#41 Posted by Jordan23 (1097 posts) -

Definitely, Grand Theft Auto IV is simply a much better game than Devil May Cry 4.

#42 Posted by LooM (73 posts) -

depends which genre you like.. Although if you're fan of gaming in general, and not a particular genre, I'd go with GTA, as it's a way, waaay longer game.

#43 Posted by Systech (4190 posts) -

GTAIV is a no-brainer to me.

#44 Posted by ManlyBeast (1220 posts) -

GTA4 man. DMC4 is a okay/good game, but GTA4 is a great game.

#45 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

DMC4 was so disappointing. I loved all the past games in the series.

GTAIV was also disappointing, but still more enjoyable than DMC4. With a lot more replay value too.

#46 Posted by Sincillian (565 posts) -

I liked GTAIV better. When I had to switch to Dante after playing with Nero the game just lost my interest...but it's still a great game.

#47 Posted by ConkerAndBerri2 (196 posts) -

gta 4, and even better it just got a price drop! :D~

#48 Posted by ZimpanX (436 posts) -

Very different games but GTA IV is a much better game.

#49 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Whatever YOU wanna play.

#50 Posted by fatuous_waffle (64 posts) -

Between those two I'd say GTA4 because there's more to do.  DMC4 is great, but even though it has plenty of replay value, GTA4 still stands heads and shoulders above in terms of content. 

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