Do newer PS3's have better wireless cards?

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I bought my PS3 back in January 2008 (a large, 40gb PAL model) and I'm beginning to have some issues with it. The whole thing feels like it's struggling, there's frame rate drops on all of the recent games, downloaded games and DLC (i.e. on the hard drive have a tendency to be incredibly choppy) and most notably, the wireless internet is barely functioning (yesterday it took me 10 minutes to download a 5mb patch). On top of that, the 40GB hdd only holds a handful of the usual 6-7gb installs required for recent games.

Would it be worth purchasing a new PS3? Are there newer wireless cards in the newer models? Struggling to find info online. Any help appreciated! Also, I should point out, wired internet isn't really an option, and my laptop which is sitting right next to my PS3 has no issues with connectivity whatsoever.

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If you have a wireless laptop sitting next to your PS3 then a wired connection is definitely an option if you just bridge the two. Don't ask me, Google it!

And yes, it's entirely possible that your PS3 is failing, but I think it could be your hard drive. I would suggest backing up all of your saves now and look into buying a new HDD for your PS3. If it isn't your hard drive, though, you would have spent that money for nothing, which would suck.

You could also try doing something called "rebuilding the database", which is just an option in a special menu somewhere that could help. Again, don't ask me how to do it. Google!

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I can tell from personal experience that the newer PS3s do in fact have better network cards. When I had my old 60GB PS3 Fat, it barely detected my network and had less-than-stellar download speeds. But when I got my new 250GB Slim, it managed to get a stronger connection AND better, more stable download speeds.

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NO. They do not.

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I had a 40 gig a few years ago and the wireless was really shitty. With my newer slim model the wireless is better. So I can say that they have better cards.

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Nope. They are all 802.11b/g.

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I take apart my 60GB launch PS3 once a year, give or take, blow it out with canned air and re-apply the thermal paste on the heatsinks, makes a world of difference from a heat and noise perspective. I also ripped out the 60GB drive and threw in a 320GB drive. AFAIK, Sony is using the same wireless cards in the newer PS3s that they used in the older models.

If you're having performance issues with games and space issues, you might think about cleaning up the inside of your PS3 and dropping a bigger drive into it instead of getting an entirely new PS3. I would recommend a drive with a lot of cache, since that seems to make a bigger difference when it comes to load times in games than a 5400 vs. 7200rpm drive.

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Your can send it to Gophermods. They have Wi-fi - Bluetooth - Wireless - Connectivity Issues service

While they are in there they *might* clean it up a tiny bit too. But, you might want to send them an e-mail to ask what is inclueded with the Wi-fi -Bluetooth repair service. For example the Gophermods Playstation 3 Cleaning & Maintenance service they do:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Case cleaning
  • Motherboard inspection
  • Laser cleaning
  • Old thermal paste removal
  • New Arctic Silver 5 Paste

    So if the wi-fi one doesn't do that as well I would do BOTH. Spending $80+ (not including shipping) on your PS3 might sound like a lot, but its is worth it if you have a fatty you want to keep running. Cleaning and new thermal past can help a lot with other issue.
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I also had the 40 gig fat model and I recently got a 320 gig slim and the wireless does seem to be working a lot better. I don't know why because as the previous posted stated the wireless tech appears to be similar.

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Not sure, but the wireless connection on my Slim is absurdly slow. It's fine for games, but trying to download patches/games is almost hilariously slow, leave-it-on-all-night-to-download-a-demo slow

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