Do You Hate Bundles?

#1 Posted by Tuxadracles (21 posts) -

I bought a PS3 Uncharted bundle sadly without thinking it through, maybe it's because I was being impatient but now I regret it. I think it's such a waste because I ended up trading in the game, I understand people like the game but to me it was so average. It was a 3rd person shooter with "movie like" scenes but to me that's overrated so I basically trashed the box covering the console box (all I care about. I recently found out the UK was selling PS3s for 140 euros!!! :O So it makes me angry that we didn't make stand alone PS3 Super Slims in America. Anyways RANT OVER!


Let me know your thoughts please! :)

#2 Posted by Zeik (3476 posts) -

If I'm paying more for a game I don't care about then I suppose, but I wouldn't buy a bundle if I didn't feel it was worth it.

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It's a free game with a system. Usually the same price as the normal version and you get a free game. What's to hate?

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There are many different bundles with different games in them. Maybe you should have gone with a bundle that had something more in line with your interests.

#5 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2708 posts) -

I think bundles (particularly the ps3 bundles) are annoying because that's how they justify pricing there sku's the way they do. I'm sure ps3's would be priced more cheaply without any of the extra stuff that comes with it.

#6 Posted by Dot (164 posts) -

I've never bought one and I never will, but I don't necessarily hate them.

#7 Posted by JasonR86 (10028 posts) -

I can't be bothered to hate bundles.

#8 Edited by Mrsignerman44 (1105 posts) -

I'd love the bundles even more if they didn't include that godawful ps3 super slim.

#9 Posted by Tuxadracles (21 posts) -

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your replies guys. I bought UC3 again lol. I traded it to get some other games such as the first 2 UC games and then the Jak and Daxter Collection (10 bucks on gamestop!!!) I think the reason why I love stand alone consoles is because if I want to collect them then I wont have to worry about some outer cover persay, but I don't know if collectors care about that type of box?

#10 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I like my bundles like I like my women: humble and indie.

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