factory sealed ps3 games dont have that tiny silver tab like ps2?

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 factory sealed ps3 games dont have that tiny silver tab on top like ps2?
my first ps3 game was used. my 3rd and latest game was brand new but the seal seems like a "re-wrap" cause you can see the wrinkle line on the side edge. is this normal? or its really a re-wrap?

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i have recently gotten a ps3, and from what ive seen theres no tab on any of the games. also i think ps2 games stopped having that silver tab a while ago...
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 well i think having silver tab looks more tight.... without it looks ghetto like its been re-sealed and wrinkle.

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There are many different ways that games seem to get wrapped. Even in the same shipment of the same game you'll get some which are wrapped with the tight folded corners while others look like a wrapping machine was used. They even have a different consistency of plastic used. I think it just depends on what facility they were manufactured at.

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