Favourite early PS3 game (that didn't support trophies)

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#1 Posted by Rheinmetall (179 posts) -

Mine would be Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. And second place Metal Gear Solid 4, although I had a hard time watching 9 + hours of cut scenes. lol

#2 Edited by MooseyMcMan (12174 posts) -

MGS4. I know that was around the end of the non-Trophies games, but I think that's easily the best.

Also, GTAIV would be my second pick, but they added in Trophies later.

#3 Posted by Marcsman (3430 posts) -

MGS4 or Motorstorm
#4 Posted by Matt_ (341 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid 4 hands down. It still is an amazing game to go back and play today.

#5 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

MGS4. I'm still waiting on trophies, Kojima.

#6 Posted by Rheinmetall (179 posts) -

Oh and Uncharted of course, though they added trophies later.

#8 Posted by Sarkhan (1249 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles and MGS4.
#9 Posted by ESREVER (2847 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles and MGS4

I would love to have trophies for both those though. I want to show off my BBE...

#10 Posted by Ursus_Veritas (412 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles is pretty much the reason I wanted to get a PS3. Utterly fantastic game, and even though I like the PSP sequel, I would love to see another VC game on the PS3 in the future.

#11 Posted by Rheinmetall (179 posts) -

@EVO said:

MGS4. I'm still waiting on trophies, Kojima.

I think Kojima wants to prove that MGS 4 was so great and special as a game that it doesn't need trophies. Or he doesn't approve trophies in games.

#12 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5800 posts) -

Folklore and Valkyria Chronicles. You people act as if there are any other acceptable answers.

#13 Posted by Rheinmetall (179 posts) -

And Assassisn's Creed! How did I forget that?

#14 Posted by lead_farmer (1076 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles.

#15 Posted by Maajin (1153 posts) -

MGS4 hands down. Need to play it again.

#16 Posted by Eojay (190 posts) -

Definitely MGS4. Gonna have to play through that again after MGS HD Collection comes out.

#17 Posted by pantzing_nome (601 posts) -

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

#18 Posted by shinigami420 (647 posts) -


#19 Posted by imsh_pl (3785 posts) -

Warhawk. And if adding trophies later disqualifies it then Valkyria Chronicles.

#20 Posted by Daneian (1308 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles and Condemned 2

#21 Posted by SevenFlow (39 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles, Lair, and Folklore

#22 Posted by Crash_Happy (786 posts) -

MGS4 or Uncharted.

#23 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3480 posts) -
#24 Posted by Lazyaza (2374 posts) -

Tools of Destruction. It's the reason I bought a ps3, wasn't out when I did.

#25 Posted by nohthink (1369 posts) -

MGS4, Ratchet and Clank, Valkyria Chronicles and Assassin's Creed

#26 Posted by Masha2932 (1331 posts) -
@SevenFlow said:

Valkyria Chronicles, Lair, and Folklore

 Was lair fun for you? I'm really curious about the game. I know it was panned upon release but why is it one of your favourites? I've been playing Drakan: The ancients' gates lately and i'm craving more dragon action. 
To answer the OP's question. Heavenly sword is one of my favourite early PS3 games.
#27 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -


#28 Posted by NTM (8740 posts) -

MGS4 and Uncharted.

#29 Posted by NTM (8740 posts) -

@Rheinmetall said:

@EVO said:

MGS4. I'm still waiting on trophies, Kojima.

I think Kojima wants to prove that MGS 4 was so great and special as a game that it doesn't need trophies. Or he doesn't approve trophies in games.

No, he stated that he wants "someone" to put a MGS4 version out there that supports trophies, but he says he doesn't have time to do it himself.

#30 Posted by Krendrayven (95 posts) -

MGS4. I love me some Snake.. :D Also, Meryl Silverburgh is 10x more awesome. I loved her scene with Johnny!

#31 Posted by shootermcclay (229 posts) -

MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles, and Resistance: Fall of Man for exclusives.

Also, NHL 09, The Orange Box, Oblivion, and Rainbow Six: Vegas for multiplatform.

#32 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

MGS4, Orange Box, Ninja Gaiden Sigma

#33 Posted by Catarrhal (870 posts) -

Another vote for Valkyria Chronicles. Anyone remember the Quick Look they did for that one? I love Dave Snider as much as the next guy, but… man, they made the game look excruciatingly bad.

#34 Posted by ImpendingFoil (586 posts) -

MGS4 and Valkyria Chronicles.

It is nice to see almost all 20 people that bought Valkyria Chronicles on this board.

#35 Posted by mordukai (7851 posts) -

MGS 4.

#36 Posted by Vorbis (2762 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles, Metal Gear Solid 4, Folklore, Disgaea 3 and Eternal Sonata.

Only Disgaea 3 was updated with trophy support.

#37 Posted by ShadowMoses900 (255 posts) -

My favorite would be The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, my second would be MGS4 and my third would be COD4 (man that game was epic, both single player AND multiplayer)
#38 Posted by Zembosis (103 posts) -


#39 Posted by devilzrule27 (1245 posts) -

Ratchet and Clank: Future, Resistance, and Heavenly Sword, really loved that game.

#40 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5777 posts) -


#41 Posted by RobotHamster (4238 posts) -

MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles and Ratchet and Clank: ToD

#42 Posted by huntad (2189 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid 4, because the story was awesome, and they brought back MGO.

#43 Posted by bwmcmaste (904 posts) -

I waited until GTA IV was available (read:stood in line at the midnight release) to purchase my PS3, so I think my answer should be rather obvious.

#44 Edited by rynbeed (147 posts) -

(for some reason I thought this was a PC thread... whoops. Take what I said and apply it to PC gaming. Thanks)

Mass Effect for me. I have re played the both of them more times then I have any other game, and it seems to be about once a year. In fact I just started a new character tonight, but with the witcher 2 2.0 today we will see if I follow through with it.

A lot of people are saying Valkyria Chronicles, I might have to see what all the hype is about.

#45 Posted by lockon_one (114 posts) -

mgs4 and dmc4 for me...

#46 Posted by lord_canti (1672 posts) -

resistance fall of man was the best of the early ps3 exclusives that didnt had trophy's shame 2 was a little bit of a disappointment. and of corse mgs4

#47 Posted by Evenstar (67 posts) -

Heavenly Sword and Uncharted (Trophies added later) Would like to have trophies for Havenly sword also

#48 Posted by Chaos_Bladez (148 posts) -

Definitely MGS4. Ratchet and Resistance follow after.

I think all other of my PS3 games have trophies.

#49 Posted by guiseppe (2843 posts) -
#50 Edited by Sanaj (184 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

Sega Superstars Tennis as a bargain bin PS3 title that doesn't have Trophies.

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