Game recommendations to play with the wife.

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Like the title says GB community I want to know if you guys have any recommendations for games I should try to play with my wife.

LBP2 is about the highest she can get in terms of patience and "complicated" game mechanics, I'm looking mostly for a game I can get off the PSN that'd provide something to engage her with. The most experience she does have with vidjya games mostly comes from iOS with stuff like Jetpack Joyride. Anything that'd be along the lines of what Super Mario Galaxy does would be ideal.

Thanks again guys!

#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Dwarf Fortress...somehow.

#3 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

I've heard Outland is good stuff co-op, but it also seems like it's pretty hard... That Lara Croft game is awesome co-op, and there's no way to actually lose in it. There's also Renegade Ops, but that may have too many manly explosions.

Not co-op, but perhaps Stacking or Costume Quest would hold her interest solo.

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Maybe an adventure game would suit her tastes. Walking dead or pixel junk shooter.

#5 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

Heavy Rain!

#6 Posted by DagobahDude (8 posts) -

Hide the Salami. Rated M for mature!

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@Snigs: I would try to get her into Civilization V. I may get a little hate for this, but the turn-by-turn mechanics in the game may help her ease into the depth it delivers while still giving her the comfortable similarity of an iOS game. What I mean by that is, while the game may be extremely complicated in some degrees, it doesn't have to be. It gives ultimate freedom to the player, and if she is like me, she will coincidently find some of the winning conditions to game.

Another game I would recommend is nearly any of the Sim's (City, Sims 3, etc) or maybe even Rollercoaster Tycoon. I grew up on the latter. Costume Quest is also a great, simple, fun little game. I also recommend Nimbus if she is into a cutesy & arcadey flight puzzler.

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Rayman: Origins, for sure.

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@Snigs: Rayman: Origins The later parts might be a little to hard but the first 5 worlds are pretty easy.

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I don't have a PS3, so mind the stupid that may come out of my mouth, but Sound and Shapes? It looks pretty rad to me, anyways, and seems real easy to get into. It's probably not like Super Mario Galaxy, but it seems like it has a real spacy vibe to it, and it IS a platformer of sorts. I'd say it's at least worth considering.

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How about a nice beat 'em up co-op? Check out Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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Haven't played it, but maybe Tales from Space: About a Blob? There's a QL on the site and it looks fun and simple enough.

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Custer's Revenge.

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If you guys are looking to play online games, Pogo is a great site. It has games like Monopoly, Battleship, Scrabble, etc... Me and my girlfriend spend alot of time playing on there. You can find Pogo on if you're interested. Have a great day!

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My wife really liked Plants vs. Zombies. I know it's not a two player game, but she really like it. But other than that, the LEGO games are good ones.

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@Galiant said:

Heavy Rain!
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@RazielCuts said:

@Galiant said:

Heavy Rain!

This isn't a terrible idea. Its simple enough so that either of you could play it but cinematic enough that the other probably wouldn't be bored.

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