games you bought vs ps+ games

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So I was looking at my ratio of games I've bought vs free games I downloaded on ps+ and I was suprised.

It's about a 1 to 6 ratio now granted Im combining my ps3 and vita ps+ games so whats you're ratio?

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not that high really as i have bought over 1000 games on the PS3 but i can safely say that i do get games on PS+ that i don't have as i somewhat stopped buying everything a while back now.. (2011).

I use PS+ mainly for 1 thing and that is the Cloud, but the now that i don't buy that much games anymore..well i get stuff i didn't allready have and that is awesome!. (stealth inc, jak and daxter trilogy vita and AC3 just the last few weeks :-).)

if you want to check out my PS3 collection (and other collections) you can then check out my gamer blog and collection site at (click the blog tab for blog or collection for lists/pictures etc).

Beware though, the lists are huge and somewhat not updated the last few weeks.

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I think it's like 1/10 really. I bought a few PS3 games but mainly play PC games so when PS+ came around loads of those games I hadn't played before.

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not that high really as i have bought over 1000 games on the PS3


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1.5 to 1 or thereabouts not counting Vita (don't even own one yet but have half the catalogue because of PS+)

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1.5 to 1 or thereabouts not counting Vita (don't even own one yet but have half the catalogue because of PS+)

I'm about the same. Most of the big titles that are out on ps+ I've already bought by the time they get on to the service.

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Doing this all from my tropies list on the official Playstation website, so I may be forgetting a game or two from the dark ages of the Playstation. But I doubt it, when the PS3 first came out one of my favorite things to do was play the demo for Dirt, to be honest. Pretty interesting just how eagerly I've latched onto the All Digital Future, I haven't bought a disc-based game since NBA 2K13 and it's looking like that'll be the only disc-based game I buy again this year.

Bought: 37, 23 of which came from the PSN and 9 with PS+ special discounts.

Madden 08, Skate, Skate 2, Killzone 2, NBA 2K10 Draft Combine, NBA 2K10, Madden NFL 10, Heavy Rain, NBA 2K11, Super Stardust HD (PSN), L.A. Noire, Mass Effect 2 (PSN), Mass Effect 3 (PSN), Monkey's Island 2 Special Edition (PSN PS+ discount), NBA 2K12, Prince of Persia Sands of Time HD (PSN PS + discount), Braid (PSN), Uncharted (PSN PS+ discount), Uncharted 2 (PSN PS+ discount), Uncharted 3 (PSN PS+ discount), Journey (PSN), NCAA Football 13 (PSN), Madden 2013 (PSN), Grand Theft Auto IV (twice, both disc), Portal 2 (PSN PS+ discount), GTAIV: Liberty City Stories (PSN), Red Dead Redemption (once disc, once PSN PS+), Arkham City (PSN), Bioshock Infinite (PSN), The Last of Us (PSN), NBA 2K13, The Walking Dead (PSN), NCAA Football 14 (PSN), Max Payne 3 (PSN PS+ discount), Assassin's Creed II (PSN PS+ discount), inFamous, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Instant Game Collection: 23

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, bit.trip presents: Runner2, Fight Night: Champion, Saints Row the Third, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Sleeping Dogs, Joe Danger 2, BioShock, BIoShock 2, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, Spec Ops: The Line, Guardians of Middle-Earth, Just Cause 2, Machinarium, Outland, BloodRayne: Betrayal, Borderlands, Warhammer Space Marine, Renegade Ops, inFamous 2, inFamous (after the online debacle that led to PS+, had sold my disc copy), Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Though the misleading thing about that IGC is that a lot of those games didn't get a lot of play. I've played a fair amount of XCOM, got maybe a quarter-to-forty percent of the way through Just Cause 2, many long hours of battles in SSFIV, a good two week binge on the story mode and online for Fight Night with some occasional online bouts still, Runner2 just about whenever I'm stoned with nothing better to do, NBA Jam for a hot couple weekends, about 50% of Outland, all of infamous 2 and all of inFamous even though I'd already beaten it good + evil back when the game first came out (fucking love the first inFamous).

So of the 23 games I've received through PS+, I've only given a real fair shake to 9 of them. The others I'd spend an hour or two with, fail to find the hook, then let them toil away in the PS3 HDD until something else came out that I really wanted to play but didn't have the hard drive space for, and then it's goodbye Spec Ops! Goodbye Warhammer! Goodbye Bioshocks (I'd love to play these games but after playing the amazing combat in Infinite I really hated the gameplay of those games, and I've had the stories spoiled for me so...)!

I probably bought about 100 PS1 games, 60 PS2 games so this seems about right so far. The PS3 era was the time when I've had to start paying my own bills and spending time figuring out how to earn enough money to pay my bills and still go to bars at night, so it makes sense my rate of game purchases would steadily decline to numbers similar to when my parents were buying my SNES/N64 games.

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