God of War: Saga misconception!

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So i bought God of War: Saga from our local game store, it was cool, five God of war games in one box! When i got home of course i "plowed" thru the few little pieces of paper what were in the case, one month subscription to PSN Plus and a voucher for the GOW PSP games! Okay so i tried to redeem those GOW PSP games but i couldn't, because those codes work ONLY in US and Canada, GOW 1-3 are on discs and they work fine because Playstation 3 games are region free but that voucher is not so i'm screwed. What i'm asking here is that i can trade my voucher with someone who can get me that same code that works in Europe ( Finland to be precise).

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I might be wrong on this but cant you create a us psn account on a different user, download the games with that account, and then play them on your main account? That could solve your issue, i dont know if they ever fixed this workaroud

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@thebunnyhunter: Thanks for the tip, i will try that out if there's no "better" or easier solution.

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Well i just made another account so problem solved, thanks!

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Happy to hear it helped :D

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