Help backing up my PS3 before I get a new drive.

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I have an old 60g fat. Due to PS+ I have finally got tire of deleting stuff to make room. I know you can back it up with a usb stick but exactly how much space do I need on the stick? Can I back everything up in cloud? Is there a way to do that I'm missing?

Also if you can recommend me a good hard drive I will dance at your wedding but only in your dreams.

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You can backup all your saves to the cloud but be careful because some saves can't be accessed for a whole day. Also PS3s use really cheap laptop hard drives.

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My 60GB fat died the other day so I bought a new 500GB one. I had all my saves in the cloud and downloading them to the new PS3 was a breeze.  
If you like the Yakuza games there's a problem though. The games actually store some info in the game data that is not part of the save. 
I found out that to access my saves I have to finish the games again, and then I can access my old saves for some reason.

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There is a function in the PS3 system settings fo backing up your hard drive and also restoring from a hard drive.

The thing that caught me off guard when I first swapped out my hard drive is the fact that your external backup HD has to be FAT32. Luckily I was able to partition a drive to FAT32 and everything is smooth sailing after that.

Any 2.5" Notebook HD will do though I have heard that those SSD Hybrid drives will help load times and are cheaper than getting a fill SSD.

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If you are gonna back up your PS3 using the backup function, you are either going to need a really big USB stick or an external hard drive. You can only save save files on the cloud. I would buy the 1 TB Western Digital. I got mine in Japan and it was 8000 yen, about $100. Totally worth it! Especially if you are a PS+ member.

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