How can I stream media to my PS3?

#1 Posted by Wolverine (4276 posts) -

I'm trying to stream video, music, and pictures from my Mac to my PS3. How would I be able to do that? Thanks

#2 Posted by TheGeniousPlayer (111 posts) -

I`ve been wondering about that, I think you have to use like a time capsule or some kind of media storage, I use a portable hard drive to put videos on my system, so that`s probably the way to go if you can`t find out a way to get that working.

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PS3 Media Server is probably your best bet. It's not perfect (especially if you have a lot of videos which use .ass subtitles) but will probably work better than any other software out there.
#4 Posted by xenexprime (77 posts) -

as spaz said, PS3 Media Server, if you are able to set i tup correctly you will nto need anythign else, I have mine hooked up so well that it streams perfectly to 3 ps3's in the house at the same time without issue.

#5 Posted by gallilee (18 posts) -

Yeah, the Media Server is great! Works like a charm on a Mac as well. And you really don't need to fiddle with the settings apart from selecting what folders to stream from. (Pro-tip, do not include a folder full of porn when handing the remote control over to friends.)

#6 Posted by HeroicDrinkingSong (149 posts) -
@Wolverine:  Tested has a great article on setting up PS3 Media Server here.
#7 Posted by Branthog (7342 posts) -

You can have this running in five minutes. Go install PS3 Media Server on any OS you prefer (though, sadly, Windows is the best for having out-of-the-box support for more content). In my case, I run PMS  in a WinXP guest on OSX, which is connected to four Drobos for a total of more than 32 terabytes of content.
An alternative is to use TVersity, but I've found it less than idea for a number of reasons (and great in others). The biggest problem I have is that it falls all over itself each time it runs into file with some sort of codec problem. Especially with the way certain data headers are prepared and compressed in the last month or two on some videos. The result is that after several minutes of scanning your library, it'll crash. you'll have to open the debug log file and see what the last file it was working on is. Then you'll have to move that file out of the library. Then you'll have to start the server up again. Then you'll have to scan again. Then it'll crash again. And you can do everything all over again. I spent about twelve hours doing this only to make it about 20% of the way through my collection. I gave up and went back to PS3 Media Server (PMS) and haven't looked back.
Development is fairly slow on it, but a new version is probably going to be out in the near future. Also, it's modular enough that a lot of codec situations (such as the weird new compressed MKV headers that save a whopping 512 kilobyts on a 6gb file that make the player lose its shit) can be overcome by small changes, like installing a new version of ffmpeg or mencoder.
Also, PS3 Media Server has a leg up on TVersity if you use a lot of MKV archived content. To do it properly, you will have to find the right walkthrough guide and spend a couple hours configuring TVersity and various open source components. With PS3, you can pretty much install it (Java) and use it within minutes.

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If you're willing to spend $20, Rivet is a great option. I've been using it for my PS3 and Xbox 360 for the last year and a half and it's great. As a free option though, you can't go wrong with the PS3 Media Server. A little more complicated to use, but still great.

#9 Posted by Ono_Sendai (79 posts) -

If you use Mac OS X, I really like Medialink by Nullriver.  It's paid, but has a free trial.  Jumping from scene to scene in a video is super fast and responsive.  PlayOn will also do the trick, but that's Windows only and the buffering is nearly as responsive as Medialink.

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