How do I set my sound on the PS3?

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Edit - Actually, I have a new question, and the other question doesn't need to be answered (though you should still click the link down there and read whatever my last problem was to get a little more insight so you can help with this question). How come when I play a game, my sound system recognizes that, so the sound systems settings change, but when I watch a movie, the settings don't change? When I'm on the PS3 dashboard, it says 5 CH Stereo, and when I start a game up, it automatically goes into the Dolby Pro Logic II, but when I insert a blu-ray, it just stays at 5 CH Stereo making me have to manually change it to the Dolby, but since that's the case, I'm assuming it's not really in the Pro Logic II? What's going on?

Or is it already set as it should be? I always have the feeling that I'm not utilizing my stuff at the best they could be. So, here's my Home Theater system. If I'm reading it, and understanding it correctly, it's saying I can use the 192 kHz, but my question is, do I have to set the sound on my PS3 manually? I use an optical cable, and that goes from my receiver to my HDTV, it's just more convenient than plugging it into my PS3 from receiver, and from what I heard, it doesn't change anything. So when I select audio output settings - HDMI (not optical digital) - automatic, the output format only says Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch., Linear PCM 2 Ch. 44.1 kHz and Linear PCM 2 Ch. 48 kHz. I feel like that's not all my sound system offers when it comes to the sound, so am I supposed to manually set it? Do I check the Linear PCM 5.1 Ch. 192 kHz? Please help. I've made a few "help me" threads in the past, and on all of them, people didn't fully understand, so as always if you don't understand my predicament, please ask my to explain. Thanks in advance.

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New Question.

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