How many demos do you have on your Hard Drive?

#1 Posted by Buzzer_Beater (208 posts) -

I'm just curious to see.
I have 2 demos.

#2 Posted by p4ddym1607 (1061 posts) -

I have a pile.

#3 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

I have around 6 or 7 demos

#4 Posted by 11samype (83 posts) -

Only 1 atm.

#5 Posted by banksrob (1140 posts) -

12 lol

#6 Posted by thelastguy (365 posts) -

Thanks for the double post
I have 10

#7 Posted by Clean (2433 posts) -
#8 Posted by Buzzer_Beater (208 posts) -
thelastguy said:
"Thanks for the double post
I have 10
LOL my computer froze I clicked "submit" like 5 times. I'm a noob.
#9 Posted by The2ndB4TheCrash (87 posts) -

I only have 2 right now, which reminds me, I should delete them because I haven't used either in a long time.

#10 Posted by WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler (469 posts) -

I think i have about 1 or 2.

#11 Posted by sdodd02 (763 posts) -
#12 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

Since I have a 500GB HDD, I keep pretty much all demos, well all the good ones, like Uncharted, R&C, etc.

#13 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2208 posts) -

I think I have around 8 or 10, just have not gotten around to deleting a few, and like 3 or 4 I want to keep anways.

#14 Posted by Raspinudo (302 posts) -

Currently just the Naruto demo
I usually delete them pretty quick

#15 Posted by Leewow (134 posts) -

2: The Dark Sector Demo And The Too Human Demo

#16 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

I also keep them just in case a friend comes over or my sis wants to play a new game or something like that.

Instead of popping int he disc for someone to just play around real quick, in Uncharted for example, I can just use the demo. Or if I want someone to try out a cool game, stuff like that.

#17 Posted by seraph973 (29 posts) -

i've been playing the heck out of civilization revolutions demo though.

#18 Posted by verybadbeetle (47 posts) -

3 right now. Elephunk, Civ Rev, and Naruto. I usually don't keep demos on my HD though. I know fairly soon if I want to buy the game or not, so there is really no point for me to keep all of the demos on there.

#19 Posted by MrZeal (94 posts) -

Mmm. yesterday I deleted a bunch... I might have like 7 or 8 demos right now...

Shalom :)

#20 Posted by Chilreu (36 posts) -

Mmm... eight or nine, I think. And I'm about to delete them all, too... damn my cheap self for buying the 40 gig version!

#21 Posted by fenixREVOLUTION (745 posts) -

Only one, the demo for DBZ Burst Limit

#22 Posted by TSchonbeck (132 posts) -
Pikachu said:
"I have around 6 or 7 demos"
Same. =)
#23 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

None, I like to keep my hard drive free of clutter.

#24 Posted by Wark (58 posts) -

I have 18, but I need to free some space on my hard drive soon. Haha.

#25 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

i have too many

#26 Posted by blu_magnet (261 posts) -

I have about 6 or 7. I go play each of them every now and then, no use deleting them

#27 Posted by Sto (2 posts) -

About 5 or 6

#28 Posted by super_machine (1972 posts) -

Just a few, I'm running low on HDD. Damn mandatory installs.

#29 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

I have 1 thats downloading.

#30 Posted by Vyse_Legends (490 posts) -
Sleepy_Insomniac said:
"None, I like to keep my hard drive free of clutter.
Yeah same here.

Rarely has a demo lasted a week on my PS3.
#31 Posted by Jotun (601 posts) -

I have 2 right now. Dark Sector and Battlefield Bad Company.

#32 Posted by Caje (139 posts) -

Right now, I have around six. I've probably downloaded over 20 though.

#33 Posted by Neal (7 posts) -

I have around 12 or 13. This is what happens when you have no money for games.

#34 Posted by wizzardjeff (188 posts) -

i dont have any...

#35 Edited by tec3297 (1258 posts) -

Right now I only have 3:
Too Human
The Bourne Conspiracy
Virtua Fighter 5

Edit: I thought this was an Xbox

#36 Edited by Subway (982 posts) -

0, well I guess I have Schiziod, so 1.

Heh, I didn't notice this was the PS3 forum, woops.

#37 Posted by fraser (543 posts) -

I have 7 or 8, i did have more but i deleted them. I actually play them quite a lot, well i did before GTA/MGS.

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