How to transfer saves after Yellow Light

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I guess the title is pretty self explanatory.

I got the yellow light issue on my PS3. I am planning to get a new one, but I don't want to loose all my content (especially my saves). Is there an easy way to recover and transfer them to the new one?


PS: I am assuming the long way is: 1) Take out the old disk from the old PS3; 2) Put the old disk on the new PS3; 3) Backup on a usb drive; 4) Put the new disk on the new PS3 and 5) Restore the backup. I am looking for an easier way, if available.

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you can't transfer hard disks from one ps3 to another. if the system doesn't boot you are screwed. Luckily when it happened to me I had PS+ and all my saves were stored in the cloud storage except for portal 2 and mortal kombat (happened 3 days after those came out.)

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Fix the PS3, back it up and transfer to the new PS3. Look for someone local on Craigslist that would do the repair for you. As said above you can't transfer a hard drive from PS3 to PS3, unfortunately...

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I heard somewhere that putting a drive from one PS3 into another would give you the option to format, or backup and then format. Was this person smoking something?

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