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Feeling really excited about Infamous: Second Son and having just finished New Game+ on The Last of Us I decided to cleanse my pallet a little with a replay of Infamous 2.

When there are choices to be made I always go down the goodie two shoes route but as this is my second play through I thought I would go for the full negative karma and associated missions this time around. I have to say I am amazed at how differently it plays when you are being a complete burk.

Just being indiscriminate with my powers is so refreshing, the carnage I have wrought is really liberating, it did take a little while to start enjoying playing this way as it goes against all my sensibilities but it seems I have now passed over to the darkside. I realised this when I needed to throw a car and walked past 2 parked motors to pick up one with a driver in who had honked his horn at me, what am I becoming :)

Just wondered what route others default too and how easy they found it to switch.

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No reason for this thread to be an answerable question: that tag is meant for questions that have one objective answer that can be marked as "correct".

In any case, yeah, it's super fun. With both inFAMOUS games I first did a "good karma" playthrough and then a "bad karma" one. Enjoy being an oppressive monster, abusing your godlike powers to electrocute anyone and everyone in your sight. And just generally being a dick by hitting people with a mace, or throwing cars at people. Man I miss that game.

I might also have gotten slightly worried at how much I enjoyed those second playthroughs. Oh well! Can't wait for Second Son!

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It was tons of fun in inFamous 1. Crazy how differently the game feels when you treat every single encounter with reckless abandon.

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I always defaulted to good (and I think Sucker Punch has stated in interviews that the % is somewhere around 75% of people go good). However, I could never make myself change.

The only time I've seen "bad" play-throughs are in walkthroughs or when I made my friend play inFamous 1.

I'm just not wired that way :)

- Also, good idea for using inFamous as a palate cleanser for The Last of Us. I finished 2 recently, so it won't work for me - I'm considering Dust: An Elysian Tail.

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@ahaisthisourchance said:

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Hey man, I got pallet and palate mixed up myself before I double checked :D

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God dammit. I was supposed to add 'not to be confused with palate', but I accidentally deleted it! I guess I burned myself.

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i played both good and evil,but even when i was playing good guy i couldn't stop myself from blowing the shit out off innocent bystander and cars

it would be a crime not too.

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I always do good playthroughs in games. I just feel really bad every time I try to do an evil playthrough, and can never bring myself to be horrible.

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LOL, not just me then. These are the only games where I have actually stuck it out when playing as a bad guy. I did try playing ME2 as a renegade but had to stop as it just felt too wrong. Infamous 2 just lets you tool around without being too deep that you consider the consequences of your actions.

Just finished everything on the 1st island about to move on - I enjoyed this game on release but forgot just how good this game is. Really excited for Second Son now :)

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inFamous 1 = better with bad karma

inFamous 2 = better with good karma (ice jump!)

does that make sense? no. but that's how I played them and each playthrough with the other karma felt morally wrong and also kinda sucked in terms of gameplay.

edit: I would also argue that 1=bad, 2=good makes more narrative sense.

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In both games I did evil first and good on the second playtrough.

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