Installing an SSD in a PS3

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Anyone know if a PS3 will support the installation of an SSD and if it'll take advantage of the speed improvement that an SSD would theoretically provide?

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The PS3 for the most part does not take advantage of SSDs.

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Not positive but I've heard the PS3 will support it fine but won't utilize any of the extra speed. Only remember reading a forum post saying that so take it with a grain of salt.

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It will work, but the PS3 uses a very old version of SATA so you won't get much of a speed boost over a mechanical drive.

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Good to know. I had upgraded a macbook with an SSD the other day, and the boost is amazing.

Do all versions of the PS3 use an old SATA, or do different revisions use different versions?

#6 Posted by Reisz (1607 posts) -

As far as I know, (I only own a launch system) all PS3 systems are limited to a maximum 150mb/s transfer rate. Meaning you're new tasty SSD will have the exact same performance as a good 5400 RPM drive. It's not worth the price in my opinion.

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I remember seeing a video that showed an ssd does decrease load times, but it wasn't substantial enough to justify the price of an ssd

Hopefully the ps4 will prove differently

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