Is it worth buying another ps3 right now?

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My ps3 has been dead for about 2 or 3 months now, and I finally have the scratch to replace it. However, I'm wondering if it's even worth buying a new one right now, with their being talks of new hardware hitting rather soon. I also don't know how many exclusives are hitting anymore that I would like tonplay. However, I do have blurays and ps3 games I can't play right now. Don't know, what do you think?

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Yes. Wait until Black Friday and get a 160GB for $50 cheaper. I think it comes with a few games as well.

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It's worth it, yeah. New consoles are still at least one or two years away and there are lots of good games that have come out in the last few months and more are coming, not even counting the ones you already own that you can't play.

I'm sure you could find a good deal with Black Friday / Cyber Monday coming up.

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Just buy a new one. Going from the 40GB fat PS3 to the new slims is great. Less heat, less energy and quiet. For $249 I say get one, or look for a bundle that suits you. I've seen $299 bundles of 320GB with like two recent games and a month of Plus

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I don't think it's worth it. Buy a PC instead if you don't have one with that money. That's a long term investment I guess.

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a pc cost more then a ps3! so id say buy a slim ps3, if you dont have one already i bought one just to have in case my 60 gig bricks,

but i doubt my 60 gig will i hardly use it,

so i have 2 ps3s now ,

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I don't think Sony will release the PS4 and the Vita in the same year. So that means PS4 is a 2014 release. Xbox and WiiU could be out by holiday but Sony's system won't. I'd say get a replacement PS3.

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@Raven_Sword said:

However, I'm wondering if it's even worth buying a new one right now, with their being talks of new hardware hitting rather soon.

Well, I don't know. If you consider two years (at least) "rather soon" then sure, wait it out. But if it were me I'd definitely get another one.

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@Ujio: Why at least two years? I've seen speculation of a late 2012 release, with people saying a winter 2013 release being more likely?




ps4=2013...makes sense

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