Is my Ps3 dying?

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its a couple of years old and its been used alot, but video has started to flash and cut out sometimes. Its weird where I will see red lines when it cuts out and sometimes it goes back to a blank input on my tv and then catches back up. The video always progresses so I know its just the video cutting out. Its only ever been used in HDMI. Its merely annoying right now, and i haven't see it increase in frequency. Are we on death's door?

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Maybe it's the HDMI cable? Do you have another you could try? Do you have another object that you could plug in through the PS3's current HDMI cable to see if you have the same issues? You should try to isolate the problem to know for sure.

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Try and watch a video through composite cable, if everything is ok, then try another HDMI cable.

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Use some component or composite cables, if it still happens it's either your tv or ps3. 
EDIT: LOLOLOL at my post being the same as above. Whoops.

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Yes, it's time to notify the next of kin.

#6 Posted by MOOImAPigg (36 posts) -

It could be a number of reasons: 
The Cables are loose on the PS3, 
The settings are going haywire on your PS3, 
Your T.V Is screwing 
Or your PS3 is on its deathbed. 
I suggest you test your PS3 on a new T.V and checking its settings. If everything seems to be normal, I think you may want to kiss  your PS3 Goodbye and permanantly shut it down. 
MAYBE Rest In Peices, PS3.

#7 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Take her around the back ill get the shotgun.

#8 Posted by Tsoglani (595 posts) -

Well? Did it work, OP? Was it the cables? Would like to know, or one would be inclined to assume you just trollin?

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