Just got a PS3 - Question about game series.

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I played through Uncharted 1-3. They were fun and I enjoyed all three. But now I am wondering where I should start for other series. Do I start at the beginning or jump ahead a game or two?

Assassins Creed



Batman -Arkhams


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Assassin's Creed - I started at 2 and didn't feel lost. I couldn't get into 1. I think 2 is a much better game and it gets even better in Brotherhood.

Portal - No reason to not start with Portal 1 imo.

Batman - Arkham Asylum is just as good as Arkham City; I'd start with Arkham Asylum and that will be better for you to understand the story of Arkham City.

That's how I would do it. Bioshock...never played.

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Bioshock 1 is better than 2, but both are worth playing.

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Well if you buy AC3 you get AC1 free. It's not terrible, but it is a lesser version for sure.

I only played Bioshock 2. I know that was a mistake.

Screw portal 1. Isn't that PC only anyways.

Play both batmans. They are amazing.

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Bioshock and you can pick it up cheap too

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ABS - Always Be Sequel

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On PS3, every copy of BioShock Infinite will include the original BioShock, so you might just wait until then…

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BioShock is a game you just HAVE to play. Newer does not automatically mean better. BioShock 2 is still a fine game, though ...probably even better in the "game" part but less of a revelation in the narrative/thematic department (it stands pretty much on equal ground as its predecessor but what it comes down to is that the main surprise of the first game was so strong and effective that most people are down on BioShock 2 a little because it didn't offer much "new". Absolutely play both though!

The problem with Portal on PS3 is that the whole Orange Box port on PS3 is a piece of crap ... since basically any PC should be able to run Portal 1, you should just get it for cheap on steam during the next sale. But also in this case: definitely play both games!

Arkham Series: Yes, play both. Arkham Asylum is a more focused game while Arkham City just gives you a ton of random shit to do all over the place. That's the main difference.

Assassin's Creed: skip the first one, play II, Brotherhood and Revelations (well, you'll get AC 1 with Revelations anyway so you might as well play it at some point ... it's not terrible but if you have the alternative of the way better sequels, you should not feel forced to play it)!

Since you're a new PS3 owner, you might come across the Resistance franchise sooner or later. In that department, I'd recommend you skip Fall of Men and Restance 2 and just play Resistance 3, which is a damn fine game and was sadly overlooked a lot last year. The first two are now either boring and outdated or just not interesting enough. R3 is pretty cool, though! Give that a shot!

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Y'all are crazy. Portal (one) is fantastic, and there are some really amazing moments in that game. It's not story focused (not mostly, anyway) but the puzzles would hold up just fine. I can't imagine why you'd want to skip it. Plus, the winks and nods will make a lot more sense when you do play Portal 2.

BioShock is fantastic, easily better than its sequel. But as was said before, both are worth playing.

Assassin's Creed is a strange one. I would skip the first for sure, that game just didn't play how it should have. They really hit the nail on the head with Assassin's Creed 2, but the worry is that if you start there you'll burn out before you get to Revelations - heck, I've pretty much burnt out and I took a year break between each game. This isn't to say that they are bad games, there is just so much. Perhaps if you run through just the story stuff avoiding most of the side activities you'd be able to make it through.

Batman really doesn't matter. The only reason I'd recommend playing both is to see what they really changed, but the story isn't that important - bad guys took over Arkham _____, you need to kick their asses. I think Asylum is a superior game, but I would understand why somebody might not agree. Point is, you won't go wrong here; both are great.

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@morrelloman said:

Screw portal 1. Isn't that PC only anyways.

Portal 1 is a great game, but I don't think it's on PS3 and even if it was, they are definitely made to be played on PC, both of them.

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Skip Assassin's Creed 1, it's terrible.  Even if you get AC1 for free with Revelations, don't play it.  Just read a plot synopsis and move on to AC2.
Arkham Asylum was great, Bioshock 1 was great, never played Portal but everyone said it was great.

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Over the last couple of months I played through all of the Assassin's Creed games. I love them. I never tired of the formula.

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Skip Assasin's Creed 1 and start with 2. Play Arkham Asylum, still a fantastic game. Portal 1 for PS3 is garbage so I suggest playing the first on PC or you can skip the first one and go right to the second, although I suggest you know the events of the first one through a wiki or watch the story on YouTube.. For Bioshock I say wait for Infinite because the first Bioshock will be bundled in the PS3 version.

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Play all of them from the beginning. Only play Bioshock 1, and not 2. It's not that 2 is so bad, it's just a bummer when compared to the original.

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@Kidavenger: Portal 1 was released on the PS3 as part of the Orange Box, and (with the patch at least) is perfectly enjoyable and playable even if it wasn't the best release ever. It's not required for playing Portal 2, though it does make a lot of the jokes funnier and the plot more engaging. It's also a great game in its own right.

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@Catarrhal said:

On PS3, every copy of BioShock Infinite will include the original BioShock, so you might just wait until then…

Are you sure about that? Mind sending me a link to the news article.

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Play Portal 1. It's a must and it plays fine on Orange Box on PS3.

Bioshock 1 is better than 2 so definitely play that.

Skip AC1.

Arkum Asylum is a must play. You'll enjoy Arkum City more if you play Asylum first.

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Portal 1 was on PS3 as part of The Orange Box, which I don't recommend because I've heard from several sources that it both looks worse and plays worse than its 360 and PC counterparts. Portal 1 is easy on your PC anyway, so if you are interested and your PC either has a graphics card or has onboard graphics less than two years old, then pick it up on that. Portal 2 on PS3 does not suffer the same fate - it works without one single hitch, though I would still recommend the PC version if you can simply because you can add custom maps that other people have made.

I haven't played any of the Assassin's Creed games, but AC2 seems like the best-agreed jumping on point.

I also haven't played Batman Arkham Asylum/City, except for the demo of Asylum. However, the two are both critically acclaimed and many people do love them. Asylum has a demo, check it out before picking them up because my brother hated the demo. Not everyone likes the series.

Now, as for Bioshock, you should absolutely play it. Play the first one first and then the second. The two are quite good and the villains serve as nice foils to each other. Remember that neither game is without problems - 1 has level design issues and 2 has some crazy difficulty spikes - but they are still very much worth playing.

Which game should you get? I'd say the first and second Bioshock games. The two combined should not cost you that much.

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Ignore some of the comments here and play Portal, it's in the Orange Box. The PS3 version isn't great but it's still a bloody steal.

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Don't pay money for Portal it's like 3 hours long and will probably be free again on Steam at some point.

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Portal 1 was amazing, but by this point if you already know about all the jokes, I don't see how you couldn't, it probably wouldn't have the same impact. If you going in blind however go with it before Portal 2.

Definitely start with Bioshock 1.

The story is nonsensical and unmemorable in Assassins Creed 1 so definitely start with 2 you won't miss out on anything important.

Batman Arkham Asylum is the superior game in my opinion so definitely don't skip it.

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Play Bioshock. It's one of the best story driven games out there. You can probably find it cheap too.

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I preferred Batman: AA to AC. Loved Dead Space 1&2, 1 was IMO better. God of War 3 is a must buy for every PS3 owner. If you haven't played Ico/Shadow of the Colossus then get it on PSN. Try Flower on PSN. Castle Crashers (PSN) is a great party/co-op game :D Resistance 3 is great, don't bother with 1 and 2. Modern Warfare 1-3 has a great roller coaster single player and 1&2 are pretty cheap now. Little Big Planet is fantastic if you have a boy/girlfriend/brother/sister to play with. Works best with boy/girlfriends, though. LA Noire is kinda unique and looks great. Red Dead Redemption is awesome, same goes for GTA IV + "DLC". Additionally, Try Dark Souls if you want to have your patience tested :-)

edit: Portal 1 is amazing. Must buy.

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you should play both batmans

def play both portals, first one is pretty short and you'd be pretty lost if you didnt play it.

i wouldnt even bother with bioshock 2 if i were you

i would start from AC2 and keep going if you like it

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Thanks for the advice. It sounds as though the games below are a good place to start.

Assassin's Creed 2

Portal 2

Arkham Asylum

Bioshock 1

It should be fun.

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@Masha2932 said:

@Catarrhal said:

On PS3, every copy of BioShock Infinite will include the original BioShock, so you might just wait until then…

Are you sure about that? Mind sending me a link to the news article.

It was announced by Jack Tretton himself during Sony's E3 press conference last year.

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@Blessthismess: Play Portal 1 first.

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Assassin's Creed-- I recommend skipping the whole franchise, unless you don't mind having your character do whatever he feels like instead of what you want him to do.  If you absolutely have to play it, then skip the first and start with AC2.
Portal-- Yeah, you'll want to play both of these.
Bioshock-- The first game was mediocre, but it had a cool setting and a plot twist, so I guess that means it's a great game.  The second game is better, but it assumes you know some stuff from the first, so if you're going to play it, then I guess you should play the first, or at least read up on it online.
Batman-- I would stick with Arkham Asylum.  Arkham City makes some minor improvements, but the pacing is a bit awkward, the Riddler stuff isn't nearly as interesting, and the open world (if you can call it that) doesn't do anything for the franchise.  If you finish Asylum and want more Batman, then by all means, pick up Arkham City.

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@artgarcrunkle: Except in the Orange Box you also get half life 2, half life 2: episode one, and half life 2: episode 2. If he hasn't played portal yet he probably hasn't played half life either, and those games are a must play. For whatever reason it's like thirty bucks at gamestop though, so it's up to the OP how much he wants to spend.

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I started playing the Assassins Creed series from 2, and I didn't feel like it was hard to understand the story etc. However saying that, I do own 1 and plan to play through it at somepoint.

Portal I'd play both, they deserve to both be played.

Batman, I preferred the first game so I'd start at one.

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This might sounds little dumb, but I played a flash game version of Portal and that was enough for me to get the idea. I also played a homebrew version of the game on my DS. I know these games aren't the same as the original, but I think I'll skip to Portal 2.

The flash game and the homebrew games were really great games. Here is a link to the flash game.

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God of War.

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