Just got a PS3, what do I need to play?

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I know these questions pop up from time to time, but I just got a PS3 and I'm interested in what PS3 exclusives I should be interested in. I'm mostly curious about the PS Network games but any obscure PS only games would also be of interest. I've already played all the big multiconsole releases on the Xbox.

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Well I dunno about obscure, but you should definitely play Heavy Rain, MGS 4, Ratchet and clank tools of destruction/crack in time, and valkyria chronicles. There, I've said my piece.

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Uncharted, God of War and Killzone.

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Metal Gear Solid 4.
Unless you haven't played the first three yet, in which case you should get MGS1 and the MGS HD Collection.

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Killzone 2 & 3, MGS4, inFAMOUS 1 & 2, Resistance 1 - 3, Uncharted 1 - 3, God of War Collection/Origin/3, Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank Future 1 & 2 (and maybe including the downloadable Quest for Booty), Heavy Rain, and Little Big Planet. What am I missing?

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there was a thread just like this half a day ago

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inFamous 1 and 2

LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2


Uncharted 1-3

DC Universe Online (It's free, on PSN, and not too bad)

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@JazGalaxy: uncharted 2 and 3, Heavy Rain, MGS4, Killzone 3, Infamous 1 and 2, Yakuza 3 and 4, God of war 3, Socom 4 and Resistance 3 and 2

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Haze and Lair.

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The best to exclusives to ever come out of PSN were Tales from Space About a Blob and Calling All Cars. As for full games I highly recommend picking up inFamous 1and 2 as well as Resistance 3 (you don't need to play resistance 1 and 2), Little Big Planet 2, ModNation Racers, God of War Collection, and God of War 3. As far as unique experiences that only the PS3 offers I highly recommend these games. The Uncharted series is ok but in my opinion Naughty Dogs worst game series yet and felt very iterative of other things, mainly Gears of War, Tomb Raider, and Indiana Jones. I recommend the games mentioned above as they are very unique and different experiences, play uncharted afterwards if you have the time, money and desire.

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I just finished Heavy Rain and I think you should save your money and pass on that game. Not worth anyone's time. Also Haze = No

Some good PSN games include the Pixeljunk games, Flow and Flower, and Noby Noby Boy (if you want to be a crazy person. That game is ????? Just watch one of the best Quick Looks) PSN is also great to chech up on older games like Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, Chrono Trigger, Crash Bandicoot.

As for disk games I really enjoyed Killzone and Ratchet & Clank Future games. PS3 is also great for chaching up on games if you missed them on PS2 like God of War Collection, Splinter Cell, or Metal Gear. I think the Metal Gear has every main seriese game in that collection, minus MGS4.

Theres a lot more to mention but those really stand out to me.

Did I mention Uncharted?

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@PeasantAbuse said:

Haze and Lair.

Ctrl+F "Lair", your post, leave topic.

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Maybe if you know someone with Uncharted 1, borrow it, so that you can buy the second game and understand and experience the jump to EPIC. If not, that pack with both of them is a steal. Yeah, Uncharted man. Experience it if you haven't yet.

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MGS4 and Uncharted 2.

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@coakroach said:

MGS4 and Uncharted 2.

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@Geo7877 said:

LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2

why LBP1? all the user levels from 1 are compatible with so just get LBP 2 and you're set

@fugie7 said:

@JazGalaxy: and Resistance 3 and 2

just get Resistance 3, the second game is really not that good. R3 is undoubtedly the best in the series on all accounts!

also, as I said in the other thread: 3D Dot Game Heroes

oh and just so you know, the Haze and Lair suggestions were a joke ... stay clear of those!

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get metal gear solid HD collection- metal gear 2, 3, and peace walker. 
heavy rain, uncharted 1 2 3, metal gear solid 4, grant turismo 5, a bunch of them that i tought of off the top of my head.

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@DeF said:

@Geo7877 said:

LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2

why LBP1? all the user levels from 1 are compatible with so just get LBP 2 and you're set

There's a bunch of costumes to get from the single player in LBP1, and I think the single player is a little more enjoyable in 1 as opposed to 2.

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They've already been said, but repetition is reenforcement:

The Uncharted Series - The first one was under appreciated.

Heavy Rain - Yeah, it's got some problems, but it's a necessary experience for this generation of hardware.

Ratchet & Clank Future Trilogy - Imagine playing through a Pixar movie.

Beloved games that I didn't enjoy/am not enjoying:

The God of War Series - Third-person slasher/brawlers aren't my thing.

The Killzone Series - Beautiful games with horrible controls.

Little Big Planet 1 & 2 - I don't know why, either.

Metal Gear Solid 4 - I've no investment in the world of MGS, so the "epic conclusion" means nothing to me.

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Games. Thats what you need to play. Games. And games. Did I say games??

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Most of these guys have the right idea, but also grandia.

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Ok if you have at least played MGS1, GET MGS4 RIGHT NOW!! (also look into the Metal geat solid HD collection containg MGS2,3, and peace walker) it is absolutly amazing, best game i ahve bought this month. Also the resistance seirse may catch your intrest as well, if the first one doesn't do it for you though then you may enjoy 2 and 3, oh and cant forget Uncharted great seirse by far but i dont ahve much to say about it. God of war is another good one if you like hack n' slash type games.

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Here's a list of all my PS3 games and what I think of them.

My PS3 games

1. Assassin's Creed II

It was ok, but it didn't blow me away like everyone else.

2. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Played this right after beating two and hated almost every second of it. The multiplayer bits were cool, but this is just the same game as two with an annoying glitch that makes the top half of your screen so whited out you can't see anything half the time.

3. Bayonetta

Don't really care for these kind of combo games, but I got it hoping the over the top story and action bits would hold me over. It didn't. It was short though so you can do worse I guess.

4. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

Still haven't gotten around to playing this one yet. I had beat one and started in on two before my PS3 died on me and I just got it back recently. Still gotta burn through two so it will be some time. From what I seen it's just like all the others so if you like them then you will probably like this.

5. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Just got it and is still in shrink wrap. I hear it's short so I may try to burn through it this weekend assuming The Old Republic lets me pull myself away long enough to.

6. Eternal Sonata

Played it for about an hour. During that time I was bored to tears and confused by the story, then frustrated by the combat system as I was unable to get past the very first fight in the game. No idea when I will get back to this.

7. Folklore

I hear this is one of the best games on PS3 that no one has ever played. I remember wanting to play it right when the PS3 had came out but I sold my first PS3 before I had a chance. Still in shrink wrap.

8. Heavy Rain

Don't care what all the haters say I know I'm going to enjoy this game for the story alone. Just got it recently and it's still in shrink wrap.

9. inFamous

Extremely boring and repetitive combat, uninspired missions and a very bland story. Others love it but I couldn't care less for it.

10. Killzone 2

Cool to play through just to see it in action, but the controls are something to be desired and the overall story is meh at best.

11. LittleBigPlanet

No idea. I got it during some sale for $5 and haven't touched it.

12. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

Just got it and is still in shrink wrap. When it first came out I feel in love with the art style and story I saw in the trailers. One day I will find the time to get into it.

13. Nier

Looked like a good RPG so I got it on the cheap. Still in shrink wrap.

14. Red Dead Redemption

I enjoyed the story over all, but the gameplay and pacing left a lot to be desired.

15. Resistance: Fall of Man

It's a shooter. I bought it when I first got my PS3 because it was the only thing to play. Despite despising playing shooters with controllers I remember enjoying this game quite a bit.

16. Resistance 2

No idea. Still in shrink wrap.

17. The Sly Collection

Still in shrink wrap. Sly was always one of those great PS3 series I always wanted to play but for one reason or another I never got my hands on it. So when I saw this for $5 I picked it up. It's been almost two console generations these games have been out and I have yet to play them so maybe by the time the third one rolls around I will finally get around to it.

18. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Heard it's supposed to be the greatest game of all time and all that other shit. Saw it on sale for $5 and picked it up. Still in shrink wrap.

19. Valkyria Chronicles

Like Folklore it's one of those early PS3 games I always wanted to play but never got around to. Still in shrink wrap. One day my love... one day...

20. Yakuza 3

I like japan and RPG'S. This is an RPG about living in Japan. That's all I know about this game. Still in shrink wrap.

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@crusader8463: Was it really necessary to take up all that space? To top it off you haven't played a good number of games on your list.

MLB The Show is great.

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@crusader8463: You sound like a complete asshole.

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@DeF said:

there was a thread just like this half a day ago

Well the guy just wants to know what games might interest him....though he never posted what games he likes.

Yeah, this is a pointless thread. Just look up the metacritic scores for PS3 exclusives.

#29 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

@Hunkulese said:

@crusader8463: Was it really necessary to take up all that space? To top it off you haven't played a good number of games on your list.

MLB The Show is great.

I made a list that fits the OP's topic. Not going to retype it all out when I can just hit a button that puts it all in.

@Shookems said:

@crusader8463: You sound like a complete asshole.


#30 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

@crusader8463: How does it fit his topic at all? You don't even have to read past the title to see your list of random games doesn't fit with what he's asking. Moving on to his actual post he's looking for PS3 exclusives. Your list is mostly multi-platform games and stuff you haven't played. How is that relevant at all to what he's asking for?

I think you're looking for the thread entitled "What games do you own? (Please make sure to include obnoxious unnecessary pictures because you can)"

#31 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

@Hunkulese: He said he wanted PSN games but was happy to just know of obscure PS3 games he may not have heard of. That reminded me of a list I made that had a bunch of my PS3 games that I owned and a little description about what I thought of them; many of which were obscure games that he may not have heard about. Over half of the list is PS3 exclusives as well, so no not mostly multi-platform. God forbid I just post the list I already had made instead of taking 20-30 min to retype it all out and filter all the multiplatform games so as to not offend you as the OP is obviously unable to just look over the games he already played or decided wasn't to his taste.

As far as not having played them, I don't need to have played them to have known they meet the OP's criteria of obscure and PS3 exclusive.

Next time I make a post I will make sure to PM it to you first to make sure it meets your stringent criteria of acceptance.

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You got a PS3 without knowing anything about the PS3, talk about total blind purchase...

#33 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -

@crusader8463: You are continuing to sound like a complete asshole.

#34 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

@Shookems said:

@crusader8463: You are continuing to sound like a complete asshole.

Right... I'm the asshole in this situation.

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If you have a fetish, Arcana Heart 3 could probably satisfy you. It is also only available on the PSN store, and is probably a PS3 only game in North America. I could be wrong though.

In all seriousness... uhh... Valkyria Chronicles. I almost only use my PS3 for JRPGs since they tend to be exclusive to it now a days and not that many people seem to care for those games. I'm fine with that.

Edit: How could I forget!? Wizardry on the PSN Store is super fun if you dig first person RPG dungeon crawlers. So good. (If it matters to you it also has a full list of trophies and a platinum despite being, like $15 or something)

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This game is shit. I bought it because it was cheap. It's still in shrink wrap.

Best. List. Ever.

#37 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -

@crusader8463: You haven't played 12/20 of the games you listed and the ones you have played you only talked shit about.

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I would recommend inFamous 1 and 2, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico collection, and the pixeljunk games on PSN. Also Uncharted 2 and 3.

#39 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

@crusader8463 said:

many of which were obscure games

Only 2 maybe 3 of those games are even remotely obscure.....and I agree with the other guy that dropping in that list was superfluous considering some of the games are multi-platform when he specifically asked for exclusives and you even speak negatively about some of the games when you're suppose to be recommending games.....and it just takes up a lot of space, try just recommending him a few games rather than forcing him to sort through games that are obviously not what he is looking for.

#40 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

@crusader8463: You're really trying to say your list is valid? Shall we go over it?

First 3 games are muti-platform and are not obscure. 0/3

Number 4 "Still haven't gotten around to playing this one yet." 0/4

5 and 6 again multi-platform and you haven't played them. But I guess they're kind of obscure so I'll give you a third of a point for each. 0.66/6

7 and 8 "Still in shrink wrap." 0.66/8

9 PS3 exclusive? Check! You've played it? Check! You're responding to his question by suggesting games he should play? Ohhhhhh crash and burn. I'll give you half a point since you played something on your list. 1.16/9

10 I'm feeling generous and it almost sounds like you're recommending it. It only took 10 tries to find something worthwhile on your list. 2.16/10

11 "No idea. I got it during some sale for $5 and haven't touched it." You lose a point for this one. 1.16/11

12-14 Mutiplatform and you've only played one of them. NO POINTS. 1.16/14

15 WOW. In your whole list you came up with one actual recommendation that responds to the topic. It would have taken you 20 minutes to write that you thought Resistance was a good game? I'll give you 2 points for the effort. 3.16/15

16-20 "Still in shrink wrap." Is there anything left to say? 3.16/20

Using my carefully designed scientific analysis of your list I have come to the conclusion that it is shit with respect to the actual topic.

When somebody asks you to recommend a game to them you should probably stick to suggesting games you've actually played. If this topic comes up in the future and you need to provide your useless feedback again I'll give you a link you can use. http://www.giantbomb.com/playstation-network-ps3/60-88/games/ Don't worry about actually reading the thread. If you see PS3 in the title just copy and paste that link so you wont have to waste your time coming up with anything relevant,

#41 Posted by JazGalaxy (1638 posts) -

Thanks for the information, fellows. I said obscure games because I tend not to like aaa games and my favorite games always rate in the high 70s. I like new interesting concepts and challenging gameplay. I generally don't care a whit about graphics or cinematic experiences. I bought the ps3 for the blu ray and to download jet moto for my brother and I to play over Christmas for nostAlgias sake.

#42 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

Glad to see no attempt to help a person goes unpunished. Keep classy GB community.

#43 Posted by laserbolts (5472 posts) -

Glad to see no attempt to help a person goes unpunished. Keep classy GB community.

Stop trying to defend yourself. You're dumb list wasn't helping anyone. Jesus.
#44 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

@crusader8463 said:

Glad to see no attempt to help a person goes unpunished. Keep classy GB community.

Are you really that delusional? There are two pages of people who are trying to give some suggestions to the dude. It's only your giant obnoxious useless irrelevant list that people have an issue with. The attacks against you only started after you attempted to defend your list.

What do you expect when you come out and say I'm too lazy to actually make a constructive post so I just pressed a button to make a lot of pictures show up?

#45 Posted by JazGalaxy (1638 posts) -

@crusader8463 said:

Glad to see no attempt to help a person goes unpunished. Keep classy GB community.

well. I appreciated it, anyways.

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@JazGalaxy: Motorstorm Pacific Rift is probably the best racing game on PS3 and everybody seems to forget about it. Probably because it came out around the same time as Fallout 3, Fable 2, Saints Row 2, LBP and Gears 2. It's fantastic and I think it might even be on PSN now. Whenever this topic comes up Valkyria Chronicles is always mentioned. It's the best RPG on the PS3 and it just happens to be exclusive. There are challenging parts (apparently most people stop during chapter 7's boss battle) but it's not overwhelming. The DLC is super difficult though. On PSN I'd say the best unique games are Pixel Junk Eden, Super Stardust HD and Shatter. I think they all have demos available so check them out.

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Uncharted 2 is an alright game, a guy going on a treasure hunt, don't know if he wants to put the said treasure in a museum or not and probably never will. Also left me wondering why the main character goes looking for treasure if he doesn't put it in a museum. I also found the controls to be frustrating at times, because they sometimes felt unresponsive when dealing with obstacles. The AI is good though, it pretty much stays out of your way almost the whole time and can take care of themselves. I don't have much to say about the art, except that the character models look pretty good. I also kind of wondered why the brunette female is there, because it kind of doesn't seem like there is a reason she should be there, unless I happen to be wrong would someone kindly explain why she's there. To be honest I don't know if I found Uncharted 2 to be all that fun, though it could be that I played it as my first PS3 game just late last month and have no other PS3 game to compare it to. I think I might have had more fun playing a game online than running around for treasure.

#49 Posted by Claude (16630 posts) -

I don't own a PS3, but anything not multiplatform should be good to go. That's the word on the street.

#50 Posted by PhilESkyline (874 posts) -

The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection in HD. Mainly Shadow of the Colossus. Incredible story and gameplay.

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