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Hey guys,

I recently finished off Portal 2 with my brother on co-op and the added co-op missions and we both really enjoyed it. I'm a lot older than him and he's fairly young, I'd preferably like him to not play so much CoD as he does (not that there's anything wrong with that) and I think Puzzle games are great for developing good problem solving skills. I was wondering if any duders have any suggestions of co-op puzzle/adventure/action games similar to Portal 2 on the PS3. I've heard Trine 2 is pretty good and I'm pretty keen on that. I'm looking at the newly released The Cave as well. How about any Pixel Junk games?


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Yeah, Trine 2 is great. I just finished playing it yesterday with a friend. It's a blast to play coop.

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PixelJunk Eden is pretty neat. Swinging around and bumping into each other is fun although it sucks when you get separated from each other.

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Trine 1+2 and the Pixeljunk games are good.

If you want something closer to a platformer with a few puzzles try Outland, Little Big Planet (1 and 2), Ratchet and Clank All for One (good for younger players.) Outland is a lot of fun but a bit more sophisticated (more along the lines of Trine) depending on how old your brother is.

However, Portal 2 is an amazing game, you'll be hard pressed to replicate that level of fun.

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@djou: Thanks for the Outland suggestion. That looked really cool - but from what I'm seeing, it's online co-op only unfortunately.

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