Missed some big games.

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Last time I started to realize that I haven't played many so-called AAA games of this generation. I've done some reaserch and so I came up with this list:


Mass Effect



Dragon Age

Assassin's Creed

Now I want to catch up a little, and I have to choose two or three game series out of this list. I can't really say that I have any specific favourite genre, back in time I used to love adventure and strategy games, but these genres are kinda dead right now. These days I enjoy most of the "good" games, like Uncharted, Batman, Fallout, Skyrim, God of War, Red Dead Redemption or the new Rayman. I'm not so much into multiplayer, so good single player campaign is what really matters to me.

I don't like FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, but I have heard that Killzone, BIoshock and Resistance are kinda diffrent. On the other hand I loved old Bioware cRPGs, like Neverwinter Nights, Baldurs Gate and KotOR. And when it comes to AC, I always used to be like "meh", but screenshots of the upcoming AC3 really set me on fire (I LOVE "The Last of Mohicans").

So - if you would have to choose one game series out of this list, which one would it be? My first choice was Mass Effect (probably because of the buzz it's generating right now) but I only own a Mac and PS3, so I won't be able to play the first game of the series (and as far as I know with ME it would be a huge mistake to start with the "2").

Thanks for all your replies and advices.

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Assassins is pretty great if you don't mind skipping over the first game and playing revelations for what it is, a bookend to the Ezio story line. Bioshock is pretty amazing as with its environments (rapture) and what it makes the player feel as the progress through the story, can't say much about he second one, even though i own it. As far as my overall recommendation is concerned i would definitely say mass effect, even with your ps3 it allows you to start the game and make all those choices from mass effect at the beginning of the game in mass effect 2, because at this point, its real tough going back to mass effect the original considering how cumbersome and glitchy that game was, also the combat was wonky and the "exploration" gets boring kinda quick, the only saving grace to me was the music and epic nature of the ending. hope this helps Dude.

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Dragon Age. Bioshock is pretty great, but I guess none of the others will compare to the depth that Dragon Age has to offer.

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i love Dragon Age, so i must recommend it. if your interest in AC is in the the setting of AC3 then i can't say i would push toward the prior entries. however, i have greatly enjoyed each of those games, i think they are definitely worth a shot, based on how much i like them. none of these series are FPS in any way (which is also a genre i don't enjoy) so you won't find any roadblocks in that sense.

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I'd go with Assassin's Creed out of that list. While I loved both Bioshock and Mass Effect, I'd say the Assassin's Creed series is the one I've enjoyed the most.

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@johnwaynegacy said:

I don't think it would be a huge mistake to start with Mass Effect 2. You wouldn't be getting quite the same experience without 1, but it won't be bad at all. In fact, I would still strongly recommend picking up 2. There's a comic that catches you up with the important events of 1 and lets you make the choices necessary. Mass Effect 1's gameplay, on Xbox at least, was subpar then and still is now, so you aren't missing out on anything except story details.

In the meantime, out of that list I would say:

Resistance 3 - 1 is OK but it's obviously dated and really isn't that great. As a launch game, it would have been fun, but these days it isn't anything of note. 2 is a Call of Duty style shooter and a very bad one at that. It's fun in some parts but overall I would suggest against playing it at all. 3, however, is great. It's a Half-Life style atmospheric shooter that really nails what it's going for. I strongly suggest it.

I've already given my opinions on Mass Effect.

Bioshock 1 is a must play of this generation simply because of how much it's still talked about. This doesn't mean that it's without problems, because I can point out a fair number of them. Still, you should get it. If you greatly enjoy it, 2 is worth a look but the general opinion is that 2 isn't as good. Not bad, but just not as good.

Killzone is utterly skippable, especially if you don't like Call of Duty. Certainly it's different in that it's a first person cover based shooter, but I'd wager that you wouldn't like it. There's a demo of 2 if you must try it.

Dragon Age Origins is a must if you liked KOTOR and Baldur's Gate. 2, from what I hear, is a different story. And, indeed, the demo showed me as much. But some people loved it, so I'd still suggest trying it.

As for Assassin's Creed? I haven't played it, but from what I've heard you should skip 1, jump feetfirst into two, play Brotherhood at some point, and don't worry too much about Revelations.

Hope I helped!

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Would you kindly play Bioshock?

...Seriously, it's amazing.

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Bioshock's awesome...

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The Killzone 3 multiplayer is free now until you hit a certain character level, so try it. I would warn you that it's more 'COD-ified' than Killzone 2 though, so if you can, get KZ 2. The heavy feeling of certain weapons and class-based combat make it more like TF2 in space, to be honest. They even have a saboteur class, that can cloak like a spy, and an engineer class with deployable turrets.  
I think the others are covered in here already. 

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